Sunday, July 26, 2009

Samsung GT-E1107, charge mobile with Sunlight solar panels embedded on your cell phone

Now you can recharge your mobile battery with Solar power. Yes last month Samsung has launched world's first Solar panel Mobile phone in entry segment. In fact, Samsung has promised to bring a high end solar phone with Blue earth phone which will be having all modern facilities like touch screen, camera, and emails.

We have got a chance to review recently launched Samsung Guru E1107 Solar Crest. Lets see what are the features in a really affordable pack –
Network------->> GSM 900 / 1800
Talk time----->> Up to 12 hours with Stand by-time of up to 570 hours
Size ----------->> 105.2 x 44.2 x 16.4 mm
Weight ------->> 85 g
Display ------->> 128 x 128 pixels, CSTN 65K

(+) Solar Panel on back for mobile charging
(+) Java Games
(+) Mobile Tracker
(+) GPRS
(+) WAP/HTML, Internet Streaming
(+) MP3 Ring Tones
(+) Speakerphone
(+) Voice Recording
(+) Powerful Torch Light
(±) FM mono
(-) 1 MB internal memory , no Memory card slot
(-) Camera

We have used this phone and you cant complain anything about it because of its price tag Price in Bangalore is 2450Rs and international market price is 55$. As far as solar panel is concerned it can give you 5-10 minutes of talk time in 1 hr of sun light charging, which is fare enough for emergency. I know there are many villages people send their phone to the nearest market for charging, now they can charge their phone for 6 hours a day and can talk for one hour. Now if you want to have a simple with solar cell charging, this is the right choice for you…. If you are a high end mobile user then you should surely wait for Samsung Blue Earth.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Cheap calls to India and world with MyWQN

MyWQN is offering very cheap International Calls. MyWQN is a service provided by WQN, Inc. WQN, Inc. is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. MyWQN is a trusted VOIP player in US. There calling rates are almost similar to other players, but now MyWQN has come up with a limited time Signup offer. In which they are offering 15$ free credit on 15$ signup purchase. So this will reduce effective calling rates to 50% i.e. for India mobile call rate will be 1.4cents/min. Now let`s see main highlights of MyWQN

(+) Pin less Dialing
(+) No Hidden Charges or Fees
(+) Speed Dialing
(+) 1 Minute Billing
(+) Customer Support (both call center and online chat)
(+) 24/7 online account management
(+) Exciting Referral and Recharge offers

If you properly go through their website, you can easily realize that this company is trying everything to get a new customer (with Signup offers), make him permanent (with offers on recharge value) and bring more new customers (with Referral offers).
Now we will go through each of them one by one ::

Signup offer:
For a limited time MyWQN is offering 15$ bonus credit on 15$ signup. Well that a very much fair deal. It will reduce your call rates 50% effectively and make the MyWQN service cheapest after BETAMAX providers. Call rates will be

To signup for this offer follow the steps below
STEP 1 :: Goto MyWQN Promo Page
STEP 2 :: Signup from that page only using the promo code TIMES09
STEP 3 :: Complete the signup process with payment.

Please note that whether you recharge for 15$ or more you will get only 15$ as bonus. So recharge only with 15$.

If you really like there service and want to continue then details below are for you

Recharge Offer ::
Simply purchase or recharge your account using promo code MYJULY09 and they will add an additional 50% bonus! For example, if you spend $10 you get $5 FREE or spend $100 and get $50 FREE – it's that easy!

Check the details about Recharge Offer here

Refer a friend offer ::
It's a WIN-WIN Deal by referring your friends to MyWQN! You and your friend will each receive $5.00 of free calling. To get started, simply enter your MyWQN referral code, name, and phone number along with your friends' email addresses (You must be a MyWQN customer). If your referred friend signs up with MyWQN, you and your friend both instantly receive a $5.00 credit.

Check the details about Refer a Friend Offer here

Overall I am impressed with the quality of calls and customer service of MyWQN. I will suggest readers to give a try to this service and share your experience here on FreeVcalls.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Unlimited Free worldwide SMS from iPhone with Global.AQ

Every week App store is getting buzz with new applications. This time it is Global.AQ SMS application, which will allow you send free SMS message across the world Free of cost through internet Connectivity on mobile.

Let`s see main Highlights(plus/minus) of this application

(+) Free SMS Across the globe including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA …….etc etc
(+) Very easy to use interface
(+) Free of cost application in App Store
(-) Only one SMS recipient at a time, No Group Messaging
(-) One way SMS messaging
(-) You can`t send message with your mobile number
(-) No Delivery report
(-) Ad supported SMS (not all the time)

Overall I can say this is a must have application for iPhone users. In their website they have discussed about PRO version of the Global.AQ application. As per Global.AQ website they will include features like group messaging, two way messaging, Delivery Report and Ad free SMS at a very low cost of application. Well I will say enjoy the free version till we get PRO version of Global.AQ

Check Global.AQ website here

Follow the link to download Application from Apple Store
Click Here

Friday, July 17, 2009

Google Launches Google Voice Mobile Applications for Android and BlackBerry

Google Launches Google Voice Mobile Applications for Android and BlackBerry operated Mobiles. Now Google voice users can use it on there Andriod and Blackberry Devices with free to download Applications from Google. Lets see what are the features of Mobile applications -

* Make calls and send SMS from your Google Voice number
* Save money with low priced international calls
* Listen to your voicemail and read voicemail transcripts
* Manage your Inbox and view Call History

You can Download the application Free of cost from Google

Click here to download

If you don't have an Android-powered device or a BlackBerry you can use Google Voice on your phone by visiting:

Know more about Google Voice follow the link

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Boss Revolution offers 1$ free Calling credit(50 min free calls to INDIA From USA)

Boss Revolution is offering 1$ free credit that means 50 min free calling to INDIA. Boss Revolution is a new VOIP Brand of IDT corporation. They have come with a new promotion in which they are offering 1USD free credit to every new registration. Later if you like the service you can continue the service by recharging the account. Well they have competitive rates for International calling.

First Lets See What are the highlights and features::

** Free trial Credit without any confidential Information (NO CREDIT CARD)
** Pinless Dialing
** No hidden charges
** Good Voice quality
** Money Back Guarantee
** Full billing and calling history available
** Competitive rates

Call Rates to INDIA 0.020 USD/min with local access no
To get free Credit Follow these steps --

STEP 1::
Follow the path to signup with Boss revolution

STEP 2:: Enter details like name and telephone no and click on the purchase button.(select Register without purchase)

STEP 3:: In the next screen you need to enter a security code. They will send the security code through sms. If you don’t have the incoming SMS facility they will call you back to give the security code. For that press the call back button on the page.

STEP 4:: Enter the security code and complete the registration process.
After the registration process Login with registered phone and given security code, you will see that your account balance is $1.00.

To make a call Dial the access no from registered phone and dial the no in 011+country code+Telephone Number format.

To get more information about Boss Revolution Click Here

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Unlimited Calls to over 100 countries (including India) in just 5USD

metroPCS is a medium level telecom provider in USA. “metroPCS” has introduced a never before unlimited calling plan to over 100 countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, Singapore, Russia, Ireland, etc. If you see metroPCS is far more better than any other VOIP service provider as there unlimited plan is covering almost half of the globe. You can check whether the particular no is free or not in following link

But wait I know you are thinking that metroPCS is another VOIP service provider. In fact metroPCS is a mobile carrier who is offering unlimited plans in USA. They have fair network coverage in USA.
Lets see main highlights of there offering
** Five basic cellular plans priced at $30, $35, $40, $45 or $50 (very competitive)
** More than 6 million subscribers
** Offers customers flat rate cellular plans with unlimited minutes
** No signed contracts
** No activation fees
** First month of service FREE!
** Unlimited TEXT and long distance at cheapest rates
** Unlimited World Plan in just 5USD covering 100 countries (most by any provider)

One thing is very sure with this step that now Telecom providers are directly competing with VOIP players.The only problem with metroPCS is you need to switch your service provider from existing to metroPCS. Well you can fell lack of coverage in few areas. But i am sure this will encourage other players to come with some more innovative ideas giving more flexibility and cheap calling to users.

Check details about metroPCS here

Friday, July 10, 2009

Unlimited Talks to Pakistan from 12 countries with Vtalkers

VTALKERS Ltd is a registered company in Singapore, a major financial hub in Asia. Well Vtalkers have come with good news for our Pakistani readers. Now you can talk unlimited to your loved ones in Pakistan at a very less price.

have three plans for you. Let`s start with cheapest one

Pakistan Unlimited (Incoming Extension number in 21.99USD monthly)

In this plan you can choose a Pakistan incoming number with extension from the following city --

Abbottabad, Bannu, Faissalabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Jhelum, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, Sahiwal, Sargodha.
When anybody wants to call you, they can dial the Pakistan city local phone and then system will ask them for extension. And when they dial your extension number that call will be forwarded to your pre registered mobile/landline number which can be from -- Australia(61), Canada(1), China(86), Hong Kong(852), New Zealand(64), Singapore(65), Spain(34), Thailand(66), United Kingdom(44), United States(1), or
Germany(49).To signup follow the link

PAKBOOM Unlimited (Unlimited free incoming calls with adapter in 29.99USD monthly)

In this plan also you can choose your Pakistan incoming number from the cities stated in Pakistan Unlimited Plan. But the difference will be that you will get a dedicated no; not an extension number and you must need a Vtalkers Adapter to use this service. You will also get Missed call alert and Voice mail facility.No Pins for outgoing calls.To signup follow the link

PAKBOOM Freedom (Unlimited free incoming calls without adapter in 39.99USD monthly)

This plan is similar to Pakistan Unlimited plan except you will get a dedicated incoming number of Pakistan plus Missed call alert and In this plan also you can choose your Pakistan incoming number from the cities stated in Pakistan Unlimited Plan. But the difference will be that you will get a dedicated no; not an extension number and you must need a Vtalkers Adapter to use this service. You will also get Missed call alert and call forwarding. No Pins for outgoing calls.To signup follow the link


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

mig33 offers Free calls to India,Pakistan and USA from SA during July 2009

To celebrate the success of IPL, mig33 is offering free calls to India, Pakistan and USA from South Africa during the whole month of July 2009. mig33 is a mobile community that lets you keep in touch with your friends and family and make new ones right on your mobile phone.

The calls are really NOT FREE, You can consider this offer as FULL CASH BACK or REFUND offer. As per the promotional offer, when you make a call to these destinations in July, you will be charged our normal low rates and then on 1 August 2009, we will refund the costs of these calls back to your mig33 account. There are no limits to how many calls you get refunded.

You can join migg33 from your mobile web browser using, and follow the instructions.

There are many ways for you to launch a cheap international call, however callback calls are free during this offer
SMS Callback:
You don't have to log into the mig33 application for this. Just use your mobile phone to send an SMS to 31273 (South Africa) with the number you want to call to.
Callback from your mobile phone using mig33 Application
Call-Through, via a local access number
Web connect from mig33 Website and wapsite

You can get mig33 credit by Ukash vouchers, moneybookers, credit card. Ukash is a form of electronic cash that can be used without the need for a credit card or bank account and can be redeemed for mig33 credits, just like buying an airtime voucher.

This promotional offer ends on 31 July 2009.

Promo offer page

Press Release

Bestvoipreselling and voipinfocenter, open your own VoIP company for just 150 EUR

Bestvoipreselling is another wholesale service from dellmont srl which is a sister concern of Betamax giving you an opportunity to use their platform to open your own branded VoIP phone company.

Different brands from dellmont/betamax are very popular among the VoIP callers because of their good quality and cheap rates. Actionvoip, jumblo, smartvoip, justvoip etc are few names belonging to this group of services.

Now you can have your own VoIP company for just 150 EUR on the same platform that Betamax is using.

Click the link to visit the website

What you can do with best voip reselling?
  • Earn lot of money
  • Create new users for your Brand
  • Set your own rates or rate margin to earn more
  • Set the rares that your customers are ready to pay
  • Manage your users and resellers
What your customers can do?
  • Call using sip ATA phone using sip settings
  • Call using your branded softfone which can be downloaded from your user area.
Already voiplip is using this platform with his own brand name and offering around one hour call to India just for 50 cents.

You need to sing up at Bestvoipreselling and make a minimum payment of 150 EUR by Ukash, bank transfer or WU money transfer. Then you can use voipinfocenter for your account management.

Final words: some of the Betamax services still offers cheap rates than the rates offered by Bestvoipreselling nevertheless it gives more freedom to grow your business where customers are not aware of Betamax services.

Are you looking for UKASH vouchers,
contact me

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 offers SMS Calling Card mobile Top up to make Cheap Overseas Calls

London call is a new VOIP company, a sister concern of freedomcalls, is offering new ways of making International calls without registering yourself and purchasing any credit. It does not mean that they are offering free calls. You have to pay for your calls and it will be billed in your monthly telephone bills if you are calling from a basic phone or it will taken out from your prepaid mobile credit. Lets review their service.

London call website

They are offering two services
  • SMS Calling card, Mobile Topup : India Calling @ 2p/min and 5p connection fee
  • Premium access from your Land Line: India Calling @ 2p/min
SMS Calling card
To use the SMS calling facility, you need to activate this service and top up your Mobile with International Calling Credit. For this you need to follow the following steps.

STEP 1: On your mobile phone send a text message containing the word Now to the short number 66667. This message will cost you £5 and will give you £5 worth of international calling credit on your mobile. You will receive a text message back containing the access number 0203 347 0700. Calls to this number are charged at your mobile provider's standard rate.

STEP 2: To make a call, simply dial the access number 0203 347 0700 from the same mobile that you used to send the text message, and then dial the International number that you wish to call. Make sure that you prefix 00 + Country Code + Destination Number and press the # key to get connected.

Once you run out of credit, you will automatically receive a £5 recharge. So be careful before subscribing this service and don't forget to unsubscribe before your balance is finished. To unsubscribe from this service please text STOP to short number 66667.

Call From Your Landline
Just Dial: 0843 0160 100

Your call will be billed directly by your telephone provider (for e.g. BT). No charges of connection fees or other surcharges for dialling these numbers. Calling these numbers from a mobile or pay phone may result in surcharges. Check with your provider.

FreeVcalls London call Review :
Although this is very convenient and easy to use services, but if you are using SMS calling card feature, each call will cost you around 2p/min plus 5p for connection fee along with the cost of calling the local access number eventually increasing teh cost of the call. Please write your view about this service.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Download Skype for iPhone, Windows Mobile phones, Nokia N800/N810, on PSP and Skype Lite

Today we will discuss about some important Skype applications which has been recently added and updated. These applications are specially designed to work on specific platfom and support many fetures like
  • Free Skype-to-Skype calls.
  • Free instant messaging.
  • Call phones and mobiles with Skype Credit or a subscription
  • Support for SMS messages
  • Voicemail
  • File sharing
  • SMS texting
  • Improved dialing help when calling phones
  • Support for a variety of languages
Skype 4.1 for windows
Latest version of skype for your desktop or your laptop

Skype for iPhone
Simple skype application for iphone

This application is specially desigend for LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson phone

Skype 3.0 for Windows® mobile Phones (5 and 6)
Skype text and calling facility included in this version

Nokia N800/N810
Skype for Nokia Internet Tablets, free skype2skype calls

This application works PlayStation® Portable and you can use wi-fi to make skype calls.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rangatel gives one hour free calls to INDIA from USA, 10 USD extra on 20 USD

Rangatel is offering one hour free calling time to INDIA from USA that too without any Credit Card information. is a new VOIP player who is running a promotion wherein you can make 60 minutes of free calls to India that is $ 2.94 worth free calls

Apart from this they are also offering $10 extra on the purchase of $20 and also refer a paid friend and get $10 extra.

Now let`s see how you can get you free Minutes-

STEP 1 :: Goto Promo Page Click Here
If you are not redirected to the promo page, then copy and paste the following link in your browser
STEP 3 :: Fill up the Registration Form with details Like – Name , Valid Email ID,
Address information and the number which you want to register for calling

Now after submitting the form you will receive two mails in your mail account….. One with your account information and other one will be with your order details. You can see the account details and login on there website.

When you will login you will see that your account is credited with 2.94USD which will give you 60 minutes of free calling to INDIA.

Now lets see how you can make your Free calls

Dial there Local access no which are available for California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.Then follow the instructions to dial INDIA number. All International calls start with 011+Countrycode+Number.

Well there regular call rate for INDIA is 4.95 US cents/min, which is very costly.. But if you like there service you can continue using Rangatel.Quality wise we don’t find any problem with the service….

Wait one more surprise for you:::

They have two more exciting promotions ---
Refer a Friend Offer ::
If you refer your friend and he signup for 20$ or more than both of you will get 20$ each…
Check details here

Double Talk Time offer ::
Get Double minutes on recharge values.

So Enjoy……

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lowratevoip offers free call to Malaysia mobile under superdeal for 30 freedays

Lowratevoip, one of the know service from betamax is offering completely free call to Malaysia Mobile. This is the only VoIP offering free call to this destination. So if you want to call Malaysia for free, just Download lowratevoip, create your account, login and buy credit to make call.

I think you can also make free minutes of trial call to malaysia just after registering your account without buying any credit. Just try and leave your comment. Don't try to create multiple accounts, as calls are restricted per PC and per IP.

Click this link for details

With the fare use policy of lowratevoip, buying credits entitles you to 30 Freedays. This means you can call all countries in the free destinations list for 30 days at no costs. When the 30 days are over, you will keep your credit, and the normal rate will be charged for these destinations.

You can also link you local DID number to lowratevoip account, just forward your DID to:

You can also use SIP settings to make calls with the SIP device or software or from your NOKIA mobile phone.

SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your lowratevoip username
Password : your lowratevoip password
Display name/number : your lowratevoip username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) :

Skype SIP Beta Program, Participate with a temporary Skype Name

Whenever we talk about Skype, We always feel non availability of SIP in Skype. But now I think Skype has felt that and reacted with Skype for SIP Beta Program. Although the program is in Beta phase but I think they will soon come with regular version.

Click here Download the latest version of Skype 4.1

Now let’s have a look on New Skype SIP and how it can be useful:
SIP can help users to directly use Skype network on SIP enabled Phones. Skype SIP is supported on most SIP devices available in market. This will give enough flexibility for business users to implement Skype in their business.

Skype is mainly targeting professional users via SIP facility which will provide following features
  • Reach a community of over 443 million people on Skype through your SIP phone.
  • Reduced costs
  • Higher quality conversations
  • Competitively priced calling rates to national and international destinations.
  • Global PSTN inbound online numbers
  • Skype Network Quality Assurance
To participate in the Skype for SIP Beta Program you will need to create a temporary Skype Name to use for the beta program and you must have, and be able to configure, your own SIP Enabled PBX that supports G.729 codec.

Please follow the following link to Sign up for Skype SIP Beta.

I remember when we don’t have Skype SIP, I used to connect my phone with Skype via Skype Adapter which will cost around 30$ in USA .Definitely I can say that Skype SIP service will be very useful for Business Purposes because most of offices are now equipped with SIP devices.

But what about home users, for them upgrading from ordinary phone to a SIP phone will cost around 130$ for simple CISCO SIP phone, while as a simple Skype adapter is only <30$.>

I request users to comment on this new feature of Skype SIP.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Invite link to join zenofon, Get $3 bonus credit (1 hour and 40 Minutes to India)

We discussed about zenofon earlier offering $10 of free calls, I got $15 because of ZenoFon facebook fan. Now they stopped this promotion.
Now they are offering 1.00+2.00 USD (1 hour and 40 Minutes to India) for the first time users. Unfortunately this registration is not opened to all, you must need an invitation link to join zenofon. Otherwise you may see the following message on the screen.

Im sorry
You have no invite to join zenofon.

If you are looking for the invitation link, then you are at the right place. Please click on the following Zenofon invite link and you are done,

Then click on the join now, After this you will see this message

Welcome! You have been invited by "freevcalls" Now click confirm your mail with the code.

Zenofon is working towards building a referral community where both, referrer and referred friend, are rewarded with the bonus. After joining, don't forget to invite your friends to earn some bonus credits which can be used to call or can be taken out in the form of cash.
Register now and enjoy the free calls from Zenofon. If you like their service you can buy the credits.

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