Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Invite link to join zenofon, Get $3 bonus credit (1 hour and 40 Minutes to India)

We discussed about zenofon earlier offering $10 of free calls, I got $15 because of ZenoFon facebook fan. Now they stopped this promotion.
Now they are offering 1.00+2.00 USD (1 hour and 40 Minutes to India) for the first time users. Unfortunately this registration is not opened to all, you must need an invitation link to join zenofon. Otherwise you may see the following message on the screen.

Im sorry
You have no invite to join zenofon.

If you are looking for the invitation link, then you are at the right place. Please click on the following Zenofon invite link and you are done,

Then click on the join now, After this you will see this message

Welcome! You have been invited by "freevcalls" Now click confirm your mail with the code.

Zenofon is working towards building a referral community where both, referrer and referred friend, are rewarded with the bonus. After joining, don't forget to invite your friends to earn some bonus credits which can be used to call or can be taken out in the form of cash.
Register now and enjoy the free calls from Zenofon. If you like their service you can buy the credits.


  1. Will you please put my link with your link on your blog? I will continue update you about zenofon.


  2. As of Oct 16 2009 - this invitation will only bring you $1.00 worth of free calling time, not $3.00 as mentioned in the intial blog posting.

  3. It is working from India ??

    Jain Scaria


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