Sunday, July 26, 2009

Samsung GT-E1107, charge mobile with Sunlight solar panels embedded on your cell phone

Now you can recharge your mobile battery with Solar power. Yes last month Samsung has launched world's first Solar panel Mobile phone in entry segment. In fact, Samsung has promised to bring a high end solar phone with Blue earth phone which will be having all modern facilities like touch screen, camera, and emails.

We have got a chance to review recently launched Samsung Guru E1107 Solar Crest. Lets see what are the features in a really affordable pack –
Network------->> GSM 900 / 1800
Talk time----->> Up to 12 hours with Stand by-time of up to 570 hours
Size ----------->> 105.2 x 44.2 x 16.4 mm
Weight ------->> 85 g
Display ------->> 128 x 128 pixels, CSTN 65K

(+) Solar Panel on back for mobile charging
(+) Java Games
(+) Mobile Tracker
(+) GPRS
(+) WAP/HTML, Internet Streaming
(+) MP3 Ring Tones
(+) Speakerphone
(+) Voice Recording
(+) Powerful Torch Light
(±) FM mono
(-) 1 MB internal memory , no Memory card slot
(-) Camera

We have used this phone and you cant complain anything about it because of its price tag Price in Bangalore is 2450Rs and international market price is 55$. As far as solar panel is concerned it can give you 5-10 minutes of talk time in 1 hr of sun light charging, which is fare enough for emergency. I know there are many villages people send their phone to the nearest market for charging, now they can charge their phone for 6 hours a day and can talk for one hour. Now if you want to have a simple with solar cell charging, this is the right choice for you…. If you are a high end mobile user then you should surely wait for Samsung Blue Earth.


  1. Hmmm. Thumbs up SAMSUNG! What a wonderful mobile phone. I'm using it in Somalia... It helped me so much and I recommend it to those who live in the areas where there is no electricity for recharging their ordinary phone.

    This is the best mobile phone that money can buy. Don't miss it!


  2. Sorry no GPRS in this mobile.Worng information.

  3. any one give n=me answers...

    whenever i am calling to any number it showing

    Fdn number is restricted

    What is fdn number

    Yogesh Bangalore

  4. FDN is Fixed Dial Number (FDN) Phone Lock

    please contact service center they will assist you

  5. Awesome! Is this really possible? I wonder where I can buy phones like these. Too bad they don't have GPRS but I'm positively sure that the running time of this phone is like FOREVER. Hehe.

  6. if you had a camera we all know it would be crap , on a basic phone it does not belong the more shit you put on these phones the worse the batt life .. This is a basic phone that requires little power

    Great effort Samsung

  7. Wow amazing!! A cellphone with Solar Panel Charging...Solar Panels are extremely cheap and far easier to manufacture than traditional PV panels, and they're already a reality. For more details visit solar panels for sale..

  8. Everywhere I look, specs say that this phone should have limited WAP / HTML capabilities, yet I can't find any setting related to this, nor to APN's to set up Internet connectivity. It's even listed as a Feature on this review.

    Well, how do I access this feature then? The phone has no built-in browser whatsoever and no way to load additional software using Samsung Studio or any other method available to non techie people..

    The solar charge function is nice (and one of the reasons I bought this phone) but doesn't compare to separate mobile solar chargers. Very sturdy and very affordable, nice to have secondary phone though.

    The flashlight is nice as is the phone's friendly pricetag. The solar charging bit should be vastly improved though, or augmented with some kinetic charging mechanism, much like in watches, because this is one phone that you will dare put in your pant pockets and any motion based charging would be welcome. Come to think of it... phones with touch screens experience a lot of motion as well. Ideas?

    Can anyone make replacement batteries and replacement covers please? :D

  9. Could anyone tell me how to change the langugage?
    Because my samsung is in Arabic Please answer fast :(

  10. i have this mobile but this is not supporting with my pc n i m unable to download ringtones...pls tell me about software n process
    kindly reply me

  11. How do you take the back off samsung GT-E1107 and where can you get a replacement screen for less than 80 euros


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