Monday, July 20, 2009

Unlimited Free worldwide SMS from iPhone with Global.AQ

Every week App store is getting buzz with new applications. This time it is Global.AQ SMS application, which will allow you send free SMS message across the world Free of cost through internet Connectivity on mobile.

Let`s see main Highlights(plus/minus) of this application

(+) Free SMS Across the globe including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA …….etc etc
(+) Very easy to use interface
(+) Free of cost application in App Store
(-) Only one SMS recipient at a time, No Group Messaging
(-) One way SMS messaging
(-) You can`t send message with your mobile number
(-) No Delivery report
(-) Ad supported SMS (not all the time)

Overall I can say this is a must have application for iPhone users. In their website they have discussed about PRO version of the Global.AQ application. As per Global.AQ website they will include features like group messaging, two way messaging, Delivery Report and Ad free SMS at a very low cost of application. Well I will say enjoy the free version till we get PRO version of Global.AQ

Check Global.AQ website here

Follow the link to download Application from Apple Store
Click Here


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  2. you can just send 500 free sms!!!!!!
    check it!!!
    you will see this error: Sending error "no credit left"

  3. i download your pro program and i get this massage :"sorry this application is not compatible with mobilesubstrate,please uninstallit first" and i uninstall this program first a few times. what to do?
    my email is:
    thank you and wait for your help

  4. Just download this and feel good for rest of your life:


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