Saturday, July 11, 2009

Unlimited Calls to over 100 countries (including India) in just 5USD

metroPCS is a medium level telecom provider in USA. “metroPCS” has introduced a never before unlimited calling plan to over 100 countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, Singapore, Russia, Ireland, etc. If you see metroPCS is far more better than any other VOIP service provider as there unlimited plan is covering almost half of the globe. You can check whether the particular no is free or not in following link

But wait I know you are thinking that metroPCS is another VOIP service provider. In fact metroPCS is a mobile carrier who is offering unlimited plans in USA. They have fair network coverage in USA.
Lets see main highlights of there offering
** Five basic cellular plans priced at $30, $35, $40, $45 or $50 (very competitive)
** More than 6 million subscribers
** Offers customers flat rate cellular plans with unlimited minutes
** No signed contracts
** No activation fees
** First month of service FREE!
** Unlimited TEXT and long distance at cheapest rates
** Unlimited World Plan in just 5USD covering 100 countries (most by any provider)

One thing is very sure with this step that now Telecom providers are directly competing with VOIP players.The only problem with metroPCS is you need to switch your service provider from existing to metroPCS. Well you can fell lack of coverage in few areas. But i am sure this will encourage other players to come with some more innovative ideas giving more flexibility and cheap calling to users.

Check details about metroPCS here


  1. This provider doesn't seem to be upfront. I have tried to find out how to sign up for India, but I keep going in circles at their web site. It seems I have to buy something else??? I wonder if this offer is too good to be true. Moreover, they have completely omitted Canada. :(( Another disappointment...again.

  2. if you are a existing subscriber of metroPCS then you need to goto any nearest outlet to subscribe to the unlimited plan. As i have mentioned in post metroPCS is telecom dervice provider like AT&T, T-mobile. You need to have metroPCS connection to use this plan..



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