Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Boss Revolution offers 1$ free Calling credit(50 min free calls to INDIA From USA)

Boss Revolution is offering 1$ free credit that means 50 min free calling to INDIA. Boss Revolution is a new VOIP Brand of IDT corporation. They have come with a new promotion in which they are offering 1USD free credit to every new registration. Later if you like the service you can continue the service by recharging the account. Well they have competitive rates for International calling.

First Lets See What are the highlights and features::

** Free trial Credit without any confidential Information (NO CREDIT CARD)
** Pinless Dialing
** No hidden charges
** Good Voice quality
** Money Back Guarantee
** Full billing and calling history available
** Competitive rates

Call Rates to INDIA 0.020 USD/min with local access no
To get free Credit Follow these steps --

STEP 1::
Follow the path to signup with Boss revolution

STEP 2:: Enter details like name and telephone no and click on the purchase button.(select Register without purchase)

STEP 3:: In the next screen you need to enter a security code. They will send the security code through sms. If you don’t have the incoming SMS facility they will call you back to give the security code. For that press the call back button on the page.

STEP 4:: Enter the security code and complete the registration process.
After the registration process Login with registered phone and given security code, you will see that your account balance is $1.00.

To make a call Dial the access no from registered phone and dial the no in 011+country code+Telephone Number format.

To get more information about Boss Revolution Click Here


  1. Did you try it or copied from other blogs

  2. Ha Ha Ha... All the information which we publish in FreeVcalls is fully Tested by us.

  3. BTW: Tried it and works great! One thing: Boss Revolution calls you back with a security code to activate your account. Without it, you can't make any calls.

    Make sure that you're using a phone number that can receive calls or better just use your cell and get the code by SMS...

  4. If you don't have free Text like me, it costs around 40 cents (20 minutes to india :) ) so better use your cap minutes. I liked the service myself.

  5. Hello,

    I can not seem to find the "Register withour purchase" option. Can you please help??


  6. To get the free $1 Boss Revolution without purchase;

    1. go:, like their Facebook ad from main page.

    2. email them with your phone number. They will set you $1 free Boss Revolution.

    Tried myself and got $1 free to my cell phone, no purchase was required!

    Watch their facebook ad, they publish some free calls option pretty much every week that I am following. Very NICE.

  7. where can i buy the boss revolution prepaid card in chicago

  8. Yes, it does work! I call my mom in India all the time. Get your free dollar copy and paste this link:


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