Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Londoncall.co.uk offers SMS Calling Card mobile Top up to make Cheap Overseas Calls

London call is a new VOIP company, a sister concern of freedomcalls, is offering new ways of making International calls without registering yourself and purchasing any credit. It does not mean that they are offering free calls. You have to pay for your calls and it will be billed in your monthly telephone bills if you are calling from a basic phone or it will taken out from your prepaid mobile credit. Lets review their service.

London call website http://www.londoncall.co.uk/

They are offering two services
  • SMS Calling card, Mobile Topup : India Calling @ 2p/min and 5p connection fee
  • Premium access from your Land Line: India Calling @ 2p/min
SMS Calling card
To use the SMS calling facility, you need to activate this service and top up your Mobile with International Calling Credit. For this you need to follow the following steps.

STEP 1: On your mobile phone send a text message containing the word Now to the short number 66667. This message will cost you £5 and will give you £5 worth of international calling credit on your mobile. You will receive a text message back containing the access number 0203 347 0700. Calls to this number are charged at your mobile provider's standard rate.

STEP 2: To make a call, simply dial the access number 0203 347 0700 from the same mobile that you used to send the text message, and then dial the International number that you wish to call. Make sure that you prefix 00 + Country Code + Destination Number and press the # key to get connected.

Once you run out of credit, you will automatically receive a £5 recharge. So be careful before subscribing this service and don't forget to unsubscribe before your balance is finished. To unsubscribe from this service please text STOP to short number 66667.

Call From Your Landline
Just Dial: 0843 0160 100

Your call will be billed directly by your telephone provider (for e.g. BT). No charges of connection fees or other surcharges for dialling these numbers. Calling these numbers from a mobile or pay phone may result in surcharges. Check with your provider.

FreeVcalls London call Review :
Although this is very convenient and easy to use services, but if you are using SMS calling card feature, each call will cost you around 2p/min plus 5p for connection fee along with the cost of calling the local access number eventually increasing teh cost of the call. Please write your view about this service.

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