Tuesday, September 30, 2008

IconDial : Free internet telephone calls to worldwide destinations

Update: Do not try and waste your time, read other posts of this blog. Due to heavy load on the icondial server, This service is collapsed within two days of its launch.

IconDial is a latest service which has been launched two days ago, which allows you to make telephone calls to any land line or mobile phone in any country. There is no information about the owner, but it seems that it has some relation with MeBeam

They have flashphone to make call directly from your web browser, you do not need to download or install something. Furthermore, No registration is required.

For free calls, you have to listen few seconds advertisement before the call gets connected.

Click here to visit IconDial

There is not much information about the length and number of the calls per day available on their website. They wrote that you can call anywhere in the world. Thats it. Anyway you can give a try to this service and see if its worth using.

I tried the service for Italy and India, the call is going.., for Italy the sound was good enough and for India no body picked up the phone.

Please leave your experience about the call qualities and countries supported.

Monday, September 29, 2008

MTNL pigeonvoip, say hello to 100 countries @ Re ONE/min from Mumbai and Delhi

Almost one year ago, we discussed about, ISD Calls from India from MTNL, Now MTNL with Aksh Optifibre limited has started one service, pegionvoip, If you already have a MTNL braodband connection you can apply for one or multiple pigeon phone connections.

Here are the details
  • One time Installation Charges Rs.100/- which is charged with the first MTNL bill.
  • Monthly Rental Rs.200/- charged in MTNL bill.
  • Free ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) worth Rs.1500 with the connection.
  • Call 100 countries at a rate as low as Re.1/- [Show List of Countries]
  • High Quality Voice Calls- With the base of MTNL having the largest and best last mile connectivity in Delhi and Mumbai, Pigeon provides HIGH Quality Voice Call domestically and internationally.
  • No Bandwidth Charges – Pigeon VoIP does not charge the bandwidth involved in calling. Other VoIP providers charge the bandwidth. With other providers, a customer is charged twice for one service – the calling tariff and the bandwidth tariff through out the call.
  • No Booking Charges – For booking Pigeon VoIP there are no intial booking charges. A customer needs to pay Registration of Rs.100/- (one time) once the service has started and this amount gets reflected in the first MTNL bill.
  • Free Calling of 400 mins – Pigeon to Pigeon calling is free for 400 minutes every month. This facility is exclusively with Pigeon VoIP only.
  • Many Pigeon VoIP on one MTNL Line – A consumer or a corporate house can acquire more than 20 VoIP connections on one MTNL line.
  • Free Pigeon VoIP ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) worth Rs.1500 - Pigeon VoIP provides ATA free of charge with the booking and installation.
  • Free 3 way conferencing- Pigeon VoIP allows Free 3 way conferencing which enables three individuals, divisions of any corporate, enterprise to converse at low rate.
  • Free Fax service- With Pigeon VoIP if the ATA is connected to the fax, a free fax service can be availed.
  • Free Caller’s ID – Pigeon VoIP does activate caller’s id without any charges.
  • To know more (click here for Delhi) (click here for Mumbai)
The thing I like about pigeonvoip.
you can take Pigeon wherever you travel. To use elsewhere apart from Delhi and Mumbai you need to have a broadband connection and a telephone instrument. Call the support center for further details. So you can have two connections and talk for 800 mins only for 400 Rs. You can place one adaptor in India and one adaptor anywhere in the world.

This could be also made free by purchasing two SIP devices and Puting one in India and one with you. There are many companies which provide free calls among the same SIP subscribers.

The thing I Do not like about pigeonvoip.
No DID number, means you can receive phone calls from any Mobile or landline, you can only receive calls from other pegion subscribers. Moreover Its not free as provided by many companies.

For an India its good offer but not the best, if you have internet at your home you can use betamax services or any other voip service, the call will be either free or you will pay only 40-50 paise per min. There are plenty of services available.

Now you can decide, which one is good.

In future they are planning to start this service for Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, chennai etc and also start providing VoIP Incoming numbers.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Onetouchindia offers 30 minutes free calls to India from USA or 60 free minutes to India and Pakistan with credit card.

It seems that now we will not have to pay for the international phone calls, now every day one new company is coming into VoIP market with free trial call offers, On the right column of this blog you can find in total of 3-4 hours of free calls.

Recently tabrio is offering 5 USD free, now onetouchindia is offering 30 or 60 minutes free calls to India and pakistan.

If you are ready to share your credit card information with them you will get 60 minutes free for both Pakistan and India. (sharing credit card information is safe on this site)

If you do not want to share you credit card information, then you will get 30 minutes free to India (1.77 USD calculated @ 5.9¢/min )

Click here to register and follow the instructions.

There are two separate links for 30 mins (click here) and 60 mins (click here), You can decide which one suits you.

30 Minutes offer is only for today!!!!! so hurry up and register your phone

Toll Free Access Numbers

Its not easy to find your PIN,
After you login , click on Account Manager >> Pinless Dialing >> view PIN
You will see your 10 digit PIN,

Now you can dial the access number and call India for 30 mins free...

Onetouchindia Hack: Register multiple accounts, You can also register the phone number that you do not have and go for dialing with PIN, there is no phone verification...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free text to speech or text to voice phone calls to USA

While searching on the net, I came across this interesting service of text2phone or text2speech or text2voice calls. This is interesting service, I think you must try this service for your friends and have fun.

Here you type the text and your friend receives the phone call and listen this message.

This service is provided by bored dialpeople service free of cost with some limitations of 400 character and 3 calls per day . In stead of sending SMS you can use this service to send voice text message to your friends without paying anything.

Click here to make the free text 2 voice call.

text to phone

I also tried the aftervoice, but it does not seems to working. This site has been identified as a source of abuse for our phone notify demonstration. So do not try this.

For business customers, you can use CDYNE Notify!, You can send pre-recorded and text to speech voice messages to 10's, 100's or 1000's of phone numbers at one time. Use CDYNE Notify! for outbound telemarketing campaigns, emergency notifications, event planning, or any voice broadcast.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tabrio : 5 Dollar free trial international calling including India, Indonesia

Simply register, verify your phone and get $5 international calling credit from Tabrio to call your near and dear one all over the world. Wow :) What an offer.. This can be used from any country and to any country. Like you can make calls from India also.

Thanks to Nirvikar D. to for sharing this offer to us. If you come across any such free call offers, please send me a mail or leave a comment.

What you need to do?
  • Register here (click here)
  • Verify your mail
  • Add and verify your number to get $5
  • You can use this credit to make free calls worldwide or send SMS including India, china, Vietnam, Thailand, etc .
You get 5 USD per verified email and verified phone number registered from different IP and PC.

Register your all phones and get more credits. (You need to register the phone from Different PC or different IP in order to receive the $5 free credit)(click here for details)

If you have only one Phone number or registered your both phones, you can can register and verify the same phone with one trick, you can call this as Tabrio Hack, (click here for details)

There rates are not cheap but the quality is good and latency is low.

Tabrio offers:
Tabrio Desktop (Softphone for Mac OS X and Windows OS)
Tabrio Web Online (Web initiated calling)
Tabrio Outlook Sync
Tabrio Mobile (Text call back service)
Tabrio Mobile Web (Wap, mobileweb initiated calling)

Tabrio : Say it your way and Enjoy free calling

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lingo, Unlimited calls to US, Canada with 2.9 cents call to India and Bangladesh, Free phone adaptor, Free frist month, free shipping and free activat

Lingo's newest South Asia plan offers Free phone adaptor, Free frist month, free shipping and free activation with calls to India and Bangladesh at 2.9 cents per minute and Unlimited calling to anywhere in the US, including HI, AK, USVI, and PR, and to Canada. This all comes with a monthly package of $29.9 month.

This plan could be good for the NRIs or Aamar Bangla friends living in US or canada permanently. Just subscribe for this plan and get cheap calls to India and Bangladesh with unlimited local calling to friends living in Canada and US.

Hurry!! This offer ends 31st October 2008.

What you need to do?
Click Here to Sign with promo code DIWALI and follow the steps

The following services are includes following

Refer your friend and get $25 value American Express card
  • Friends referred to Lingomust sign up after 7/8/08 for you to qualify;
  • After your friend has kept his Lingo service for at least 60 days and if their account is in good standing, you will receive a Lingo Rewards card branded by American Express with a $25 value added to the card within 15 days after all eligibility requirements are met;
  • Cancellation of service by your friend before the 61 days will make you ineligible to receive the $25 value offer.

Terms and Conditions from Lingo:
High-speed Internet connection, Lingo adaptor (included free of charge), and online billing required. 30-day risk free offer refunds paid activation fee. *First month free promotion will be given as a bill credit towards the monthly subscription charge (all other applicable fees and taxes still apply). Not combinable with any other promotions. Offer ends 9/30/08. Lingo is Award-winning service as rated by WIRED Test Magazine (Winter 2008).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Evaphone offers free calls worldwide All countries

Evaphone offers free calls worldwide, it includedes almost All countries including India, china, Bangaladesh, Pakistan, philipines etc.

There is not registration required, Simply visit thir website and start making free calls.

Click Here to Visit Evaphone

Free calls are based on the advertisement,Call duration is very short and the quality is not good. You can check the available free destinations and the allowed free call duration on Evaphone website. Their free call duration vary from 07 seconds to 4:43 seconds.

After you make the call, you can see the reverse timer "Call is scheculed to end in 00:04 seconns)

Apart from free calls, they also offer paid calls, for that registration is required.
If Paid users want to make free calls, they need to check the box "I want to make free calls"

What evaphone says:
To make a free call through the EVAPHONE system after dialing the number and pressing the call button you have to watch a short promo video. The duration and number of calls is limited in time and per IP-address. No registration is needed for a free call. By using the EVAPHONE system's service you acknowledge and agree to the conditions of the Contract, starting when service is rendered.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fake VoIP Scams : Unlimited calls to India in $20 per month??? Be careful..

Be aware, Do not proceed to buy the credits without confirming that the VoIP site is legitimate. There had been some cased of fraud websites with good offers.

If you receive a mail or orkut scrap or come across a website which claims the following
  • Unlimited Calls (Chatter Box Plan) to 9 countries.
  • (U.S.A., U.K., Singapore, Australia, Germany, India, China, Netherlands and France)
  • Works with every country mobile/ landline phone.
  • Total cost: $30/$20 per month. (Including Taxes)
  • One time payment. No automatic charges on your Credit Card.
  • Call to as many numbers for as long as you wish.
  • No limit on number of minutes.
  • No charges per minutes.
  • Works with every phone.
I advice you to stay away from such offers. They offer payment through paypal, the user does not realize that he is making the payment without registration. Once the payment is done, the money is withdrawn immediately before paypal blocks the paypal account. if their paypal account is blocked, they create new one start the same business.

They setup a fake site (same design always) and use it for some days with changing PayPal accounts.

For example, now days they have http://infinitevoip.com/ which is a fake site.

Most of the victim of this fraud are Indians as no VoIP company offers this deal and users buy immediately without realizing that something is going wrong.

I came across to such fraudes via orkut scrap while they were having the site talketygroup.C0M which was the copy of http://www.talkety.com/, which is not fake site and also offers 30 mins free tial calls. I immediately reported talkety and simon from talkety replied immediately.
Thanks for contacting Talkety support!
We appreciate your feedback. This is indeed a fraudulent website. We
will now display a notice when users come to us via this site and have
already notified Paypal.
So if you come across any such fake or fraud sites, please report directly or report here, so that it can blocked immediately.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Free calls to Bahamas, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Brunei Darussalam, Guadeloupe, Lithuania, Martinique and many more

Lowratevoip, is one of the oldest betamax VoIP service, is offering the free calls to Bangladesh, Bahamas,Bermuda, Brunei Darussalam, Guadeloupe, Lithuania and Martinique where no body offers free calls.

The calls made to these countries are absolutely free, but there are some limitations.
1. You need to have by at least 10 EUR every month to make this free calls. Your calls will not be charged.
2. Max 200 minutes per week of free calls, measured over the last 7 days and per unique IP address are allowed, if exceeds, 1 cent per min is applied.

What you need to do?

1. Download the softphone from Lowratevoip (Click Here)
2. Install the softphone
3. Register your self (you can also register without downloading the softphone,
4. Connect your headphone with your PC
5. Dial the number using the softphone and start making cheap calls.

You can make the call directly from your PC using their softphone or using your SIP device with the following SIP settings.

SIP port : 5060
Registrar : sip.lowratevoip.com
Proxy server : sip.lowratevoip.com
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your lowratevoip username
Password : your lowratevoip password
Display name/number : your lowratevoip username or sipnumber
Stunserver (option) : stun.lowratevoip.com

You can also use phone2phone web initated calling service if you are using slow internet connection, 5 cents will be charged as a connection charge.

Apart from the free calls to above said countries, low rate voip also offers free calls to many other destination, but those destinations are quite common and many voip services offer free calls.

Free calls to Bangladesh, Free phone to Bahamas, Free net2phone to Bermuda, Free VoIP call to Brunei Darussalam, Free mobile to Guadeloupe, Free calling to Lithuania, 0 Cent call to Martinique.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Phone2phone free calls from Germany with peterzahlt

If your friend is in Germany and sitting on the internet, tell him to call you and save your money.

If you are in Germany then call your friends for free and save your money.

With http://www.peterzahlt.de/, you can call these destinations for free, name of the countries are in German

Australien (+61)
Belgien (+32)
China (+86)
Dänemark (+45)
Deutschland (+49)
Finnland (+358)
Frankreich (+33)
Griechenland (+30)
Großbritannien (+44)
Hongkong (+852)
Irland (+353)
Italien (+39)
Luxemburg (+352)
Neuseeland (+64)
Niederlande (+31)
Norwegen (+47)
Österreich (+43)
Portugal (+351)
San Marino (+378)
Schweden (+46)
Schweiz (+41)
Singapur (+65)
Spanien (+34)
Südkorea (+82)
Thailand (+66)
USA & Kanada (+1)
Vatikan (+379)

For more information Click here

Friday, September 12, 2008

Call US toll free numbers for free from Outside USA

Global business means global support, most of the US based companies are working globaly but they provide US toll free customer care number to provide phone support, unfortunately these numbers are not free, if dialed from outside USA, so if you want to call these numbers outside US, you will be charged the international charge for this.

Toll free numbers starts from 8. for example, If you have soem problems with Citibank NRI account then you can always call their toll free number is 800-248-4674 and also you can call us makemytrip number 800-INDIA-10 if they have not if there is some problem with your e-tkt booking. You need not to write a mail and then wait for their mail. (off course mail is the cheapest and best way, but if they do not reply the mail then??)

Many of us are looking for a option to "How to call USA toll free numbers if calling fom outside USA.

Only yahoo voice provides free calls to toll free numbers, More here>>>>>>

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rebtel promotion, a new voucher code "freevcalls2" to double your credit (spend $10 and get upto $220 ) expires on 08-10-2008

The free trail calls of the rebtel was very nice offer. Around 5000 users got 3,00,000 free mins to call using the voucher code "freevcalls" (not working now)

I hope you enjoyed free calling with rebtel and liked it. Now, for the coming festival season and discussion with rebtel, they are very happy to offer $20 on purchase of $10 with a new voucher code "freevcalls2"

The offer does not finish here.
  • You get 10 minutes free to try their quality after registration.
  • You will get $20 on purchase of $10 with voucher code "freevcalls2"
  • Invite your friend and get 10 minute free if they register.
  • If you friend becomes paid user, you will get $10 for each referred user.
  • You have opportunity to get upto $220 by spending just $10.

Why your friend would be interested in rebtel. Tell him to use this voucher code, he will get all the benefits that you have already got.

I think, you will not get any other better deal than this.

What you need to do?
If you are not registered, click here to register (for detailed instructions click here)
After registration, follow the instructions below, as you are registered user.

If you are already registered and never bought credit before, then follow these instructions
First login to your account >> Click on Add Credit >> and then type the voucher code "freevcalls2" >> click apply
To know the step by step instructions follow this screen shot

rebtel freevcalls2

If everything is right, You will see this message
Success, Your voucher has been redeemed. Hurrah!, If you do not see this message, then try again.

Now you can buy the credit, If you buy $10, you will get $20 instead of 10, you can use paypal or ukash voucher code or your credit card to buy the credits.

I think this is incredible offer.... Please forward it to your all friends to use this voucher get, you will get $10 and they will also get $10 extra with this voucher code.

Please leave a comment after you get your money doubled, it will help readers to build trust.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jaduka Labs, Free calls to North America with interesting VoIP applications

Jaduka offers innovative internet technologies that can be useful for you in your if you like the internet technology.

These are the list of interesting services offered by Jaduka, I hope you would like to try.

  • Jaduka Earthcaller (free PC 2 Phone calling in North America, make calls in North America, absolutely free)
  • Dukalink creates personal HTML hyperlinks that you can post on Craig's List, Facebook, your blog or emails
  • Dukadial Free Phone to phone calls in North Americs but web initiated
  • DukaBUZZ enables site visitors to leave audio messages and testimonials that can be shared with others. Instead of typing and posting written comments, site visitors record audio comments using the dukaBUZZ widget and their standard phone (no software downloads or headsets required)
  • Dukabar No more forgetting or misdialing phone numbers. dukaBAR provides automated one-click dialing from any Web page.
  • Jaduka TV
  • Jaduka My Private line anybody can call you calling a tollfree access number(60 mins to try)
  • Jaduka Click and connect. Connects the call over Internet, it could be used for business or personal purpose. (free 60 mins to try)

You can Visit Jaduka's interactive showcase of useful applications and widgets demonstrating the power and clarity of Jaduka's voice communication technology.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Localphone : Cheap International calling with your SIP device or Direct call

Localphone Ltd is the UK based new business venture of British entrepreneur Paul Cusack.

It offers reasonable good Calling Rates, check the rates to your country, if you think that its the cheapest for your country, you can buy the credits.

Click here to register.

It does not give your free minutes to try, but you can buy credits, and you can use your credits in three ways.

  1. Localphone Direct - Call via unique local number. (PIN Less)
  2. Localphone Calling Card - Call through local access number from anyphone with PIN.
  3. Localphone VoIP - allows you to call using braodband connection using your PC or using your SIP device, you can also download the SIP based softphone, and then goto Help >> Device setup Guides, I think they also offer UK number for free.

You can also earn 10% of the credits by inviting your friends to local phone.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

iCall, Make free phone calls to USA and Canada, also receive free incoming calls worldwide from USA and Canada.

iCall is a pc to phone calling service, which allows ou to call USA and Canada from anywhere in the world using your PC with internet and headphone.

iCall is absolutely free service and there is no cost or hidden charge to use iCall to make or receive phone calls. All phone calls that you make to the USA and Canada are completely free, all calls that you receive are completely free regardless of where the caller is located. As well, all calls between iCall users are free.

What you have to do?
Goto http://icall.com/
download and install iCall basic and start talking for free.

Apart from this, they also offer Free voice mail, the incoming call is through inbound access number with an extension. Just tell people to call any of the numbers below, and when prompted, enter your iCall extension. If you're logged in, your iCall phone will ring and let you know you have an incoming call! If you're unavailable, it'll forward to your free voicemail.

They also offer paid calls to other countries, you can check their rates and if you feel that they are cheap for your country, you can buy.

They are also iCall for the iPhone (beta) with this you can make and receive calls over WiFi, Transfer inbound calls from a regular cell call to WiFi instantly and seamlessly, save your expensive minutes, Access your same address book, Customize your voicemail options.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Yahoo stops: give away 100 free minutes of Yahoo Voice service to 5 friends

After launch of Yahoo voice with three consecutive promotions of free calls on holi and diwali, yahoo voice became very famous among Indian NRIs.

If you were a paid customer of Yahoo voice, you were allowed to give away 100 free minutes ($1) 5 of your friends. You could had seen this promotion after Log in to Yahoo voice.

If you still have some friends remainig to give away 100 minutes, Now you can not to this, because from 30th april 2008, Yahoovoice stopped this promotion without informing their users.

I personally talked to yahoovoice, they told me that they are sorry for it, but they closed this promotion and can not help.

If you are looking for:
How to send yahoo minutes?
How to give away 100 free minutes to friends?
Where is the option to send $1 free with voucher code?

then do not waste your time, this promotion is totally stopped. Please read other posts of this blog to make cheap and free calls.

If, please leave your comment here if you are looking for something particularly. I would be very happy to answer.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rebtel plans to offer free calls on this diwali 2008

Rebtel is incredibly getting name and fame and continuously updating them selves with the international festivals like Ramadan, Deepawali etc. Recently they are running the free call program on this ramadan.

As freevcalls has attracted many users to Rebtel, they are happy to offer free calls, either in the form of money or in the form of free talk time, to the paid users. This time it wouldn't be absolutely free.

If you purchase at least 10 USD, Rebtel is planning to offer 10 USD or more to make free calls on this Diwali.

If you do not belong to India, still you can use this offer and call your country during this offer period.

If you are already a user, then do not worry. This offer would be for all users, new as well as existing users.

Do not purchase now, just wait for my next blog(s)

Keep visiting this blog for update and to get the rebtel voucher code to avail this offer.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rebtel: 30 free minutes to 32 Muslim countries on this ramadan, ramjan

Update:I am sorry, you are late to visit, Ramdan offer is over now, but still you can try rebtel for free 10 minutes call to your country, Just visit rebtel site (click here)

Now rebtel is a brand name with their cheap rates, good quality, good customer care and finaly they are the best in giving offers to their customers.

They are again back with 30 free minutes to 32 Muslim countries on this ramadan, ramjan with voucher code "rebtelramadan" between 1st of September 2008 until the 1st of October 2008.

If you belong to any of the following Countries, (India not included)
Albania,Chad,Kyrgyzstan,Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Indonesia, Lebanon, Senegal, Azerbaijani Republic, Iran, Malaysia, Sudan, Bahrain, Iraq, Maldives, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Niger, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Qatar, Nigeria, Turkmenistan, Brunei, Darussalam, Kazakhstan, Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Burkina Faso, Kuwait, Pakistan, Uzbekistan

Follow these steps:
  1. Visit Rebtel (still you can get 10 minutes free)
  2. One the left you will see "Rebtel celebrates Ramadan" Click on the ramadan
  3. You will see the ramadan page, click on Try now or try now 30 mins free.
  4. You need to not to enter the voucher code but in the case you do not see the voucher code then enter the voucher code "rebtelramadan" at the time of registration and start calling.
  5. Click here to know the step by step process to enter to voucher code and registration.
Please foreward this link to all your friends.....

Terms and Conditions:
• Users are eligible for the campaign if they have never registered their phone number in Rebtel in the past.
• The campaign is open from the 1st of September 2008 until the 1st of October 2008 (00:00 GMT)
• Please note that you cannot transfer voucher minutes between accounts.
• Bonus minutes are to be used from the 1st of September 2008 until the 1st of October 2008 (00:00 GMT)

Id Mubarak!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cheap VoIP calls from UAE or VoIP blocked countries

If pc to phone blocked in your country so its 100% sure that long distance calling is too expensive and if you are looking for a solution to unblock it, then here is the solution.

Vbuzzer Messenger is the ultimate solution you are looking for...

It works in any country, even in places where VoIP is blocked like UAE or middle east. Vbuzzer has developed one software that combines VoIP, Internet Fax, Multi-Protocol IM and can not be blocked by service provider.

Apart from their unique technology, they also offer competitive rates.

How to sign up a new account?

1. Click here to Download Vbuzzer Messenger or Phone dialer
2. Register an account (Launch Vbuzzer. On the login window, click "Get a new account". Fill out this signup form, tick the "I have read and agreed to terms of service." then click Signup. after signup you need to verify your account. )
3. Buy credit by clicking the secured credit butto using paypal

Most of our friends from voip blocked countries like UAE are looking for the options to make cheap calls can try this. I am sure that you would like this service and save 80% on your call rates.

Please leave your comment if you have any problem.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Absolutely free Calls within VoIP free countries: VoiPax.

Free calls are already offered by the betamax group of services like, voipcheap, lowratevoip etc but there is a charge of 5 cents as a connection fee.

Voipax GmbH, a new VoIP service is offering free calls to to 41 popular destinations including US, UK, Italy. There is no connection fee as 5 cents charged by Betamx . Voipax also 20 mins free calls to each registered user to try its service.., Unfortunately India, Pakistan, china, vietnam etc are not included in free destination.

Click here to goto Voipax

After successful registration, either you can download the softphone or make call from your web area using phone to phone facility.

They have policies quite similar to betamax, but they are not really the betamax provider but still I am not sure.

If you want to call free for more than 20 mins, you need to buy the credit or you need to go for another registration. The paid users are entitled to make 300 min of free calls in one week for 120 days (four months), you can pay 10 EUR to make four months of absolutely free calls.

The services offered by them:
On-net calls, Caller ID, Caller ID blocking, Call waiting/call hold, Call forwarding, 3-way calling, Call return, Free call, Speed dial, Repeat dialling, Call register

This service is not good to make calls to paid destination, because its bit costly then betamax services.

TO compare the betamax rate, click here http://backsla.sh/betamax, this will give you the updates call rates of all services of betamax and also compare the rates.

Talk one hour for only 45 $cents with fizzcall

friends who talk for longer time, more than 10 mins, would love to have service where you pay for the call, not the the duration of the call.

fizzcall, an UK based company has come up with a plan, where you pay only 45 cents for one hour of a call . Here are the details
1. You will pay for each call, not for the duration of call.
2. The call will cost 45 $Cents (25 pence) or 30 €cents.
3. The call is limited to 60 minutes.

It means that, if you talk for 1 second, you will pay the same amount if you talk for one hour.

The best thing is that it works from 166 countries in the world, list is below. So you can call from India to India, for one hour in 20 Rs Only. Great...

The one hour call from US/UK to anywhere would cost you only 45 Cents.

Then why you are waiting for, Goto fizzcall website, (click here) then register and buy some calls with google checkout/ and start making cheap calls.

You can try this service and leave your comment.

Find your country below. You can make call to and from the following coutries.
Afghanistan (+93), Albania (+355), Algeria (+213), American Samoa (+1684), Andorra (+376), Argentina (+54), Armenia (+374), Aruba (+297), Ascension (+247), Australia (+61), Australian External Territories (+672), Austria (+43), Azerbaijan (+994), Bangladesh (+880), Belarus (+375), Belgium (+32), Belize (+501), Bhutan (+975), Bolivia (+591), Bosnia and Hercegovina (+387), Botswana (+267), Brazil (+55), Brunei Darussalm (+673), Bulgaria (+359), Burma (+95), Burundi (+257), Canada (+1), Cape Verde (+238), Central African Republic (+236), Chad (+235), Chile (+56), China (+86), Colombia (+57), Comoros (+269), Costa Rica (+506), Croatia (+385), Cyprus (+357), Czech Republic (+420), Denmark (+45), Diego-Garcia (+246), Djibouti (+253), East Timor (+670), Ecuador (+593), Equatorial Guinea (+240), Estonia (+372), Falkland Islands (+500), Faroe Islands (+298), Fiji (+679), Finland (+358), France (+33), French Antilles (+590), French Guiana (+594), French Polynesia (+689), Gambia (+220), Georgia (+995), Germany (+49), Gibraltar (+350), Greece (+30), Greenland (+299), Guam (+1671), Guatemala (+502), Guinea (+224), Guinea-Bissau (+245), Haiti (+509), Honduras (+504), Hong Kong (+852), Hungary (+36), Iceland (+354), India (+91), Indonesia (+62), Iran (+98), Iraq (+964), Ireland (+353), Italy (+39), Japan (+81), Kazakhstan (+7), Kiribati (+686), Kyrgyz Republic (+996), Laos (+856), Latvia (+371), Lesotho (+266), Liberia (+231), Liechtenstein (+423), Lithuania (+370), Luxembourg (+352), Macao (+853), Macedonia (+389), Madagascar (+261), Malawi (+265), Malaysia (+60), Maldives (+960), Mali (+223), Malta (+356), Marshall Islands (+692), Martinique (+596), Mauritania (+222), Mauritius (+230), Mayotte and Reunion (+262), Micronesia (+691), Moldova (+373), Mongolia (+976), Montenegro (+382), Mozambique (+258), Nauru (+674), Netherlands (+31), Netherlands Antilles (+599), New Caledonia (+687), New Zealand (+64), Nicaragua (+505), Niger (+227), Niue Island (+683), North Korea (+850), Northern Mariana Islands (+1670), Norway (+47), Oman (+968), Pakistan (+92), Palau (+680), Panama (+507), Papua New Guinea (+675), Paraguay (+595), Poland (+48), Portugal (+351), Romania (+40), Russia (+7), Rwanda (+250), Samoa (+685), San Marino (+378), Sao Tome & Principe (+239), Senegal (+221), Serbia (+381), Seychelles (+248), Singapore (+65), Slovakia (+421), Slovenia (+386), Solomon Islands (+677), South Korea (+82), Spain (+34), Sri Lanka (+94), St Helena and Tristan da Cunha (+290), St Kitts and Nevis (+1869), St Lucia (+1758), St Pierre and Miquelon (+508), St Vincent/Grenadines (+1784), Suriname (+597), Swaziland (+268), Sweden (+46), Switzerland (+41), Taiwan (+886), Tajikistan (+992), Togolese Republic (+228), Tokelau (+690), Tonga (+676), Tunisia (+216), Turkey (+90), Turkmenistan (+993), Tuvalu (+688), U.S. Virgin Islands (+1340), Ukraine (+380), United Kingdom (+44), United States (+1), Uruguay (+598), Uzbekistan (+998), Vanuatu (+678), Venezuela (+58), Vietnam (+84), Wallis & Futuna (+681), Zambia (+260)

You can not make a call to and from the following countries:
Angola (+244), Bahrain (+973), Benin (+229), Burkin Faso (+226), Cambodia (+855), Cameroon (+237), Congo (+242), Congo (+243), Cooke Island Premium (+682), Cuba (+53), Egypt (+20), El Salvador (+503), Eritrea (+291), Ethiopia (+251), Gabon (+241), Ghana (+233), Guyana (+964), Israel (+972), Ivory Coast (+225), Jordan (+962), Kenya (+254), Kuwait (+965), Lebanon (+961), Libya (+218), Mexico (+52), Monaco (+377), Morocco (+212), Myanmar (+95), Namibia (+264), Nepal (+977), Nigeria (+234), Noddle number (+78223), Pakistan Mobile (+923), Palastinian Authority (+970), Peru (+51), Philippines (+63), Qatar (+974), Saudi Arabia (+966), Sierra Leone (+232), Somalia (+252), South Africa (+27), Sudan (+249), Syria (+963), Tanzania (+255), Thailand (+66), Trinidad & Tobag o (+1868), UAE (+971), Uganda (+256), UK Premium (+449), UK Special number (+118), UK Special number (+871), UK Special number (+872), UK Special number (+873), UK Special number (+874), UK Special number (+4470), US Premium number (+1976), Yemen (+967), Zimbabwe (+263)

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