Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Revised: One hour free call voucher code from rebtel (Rebtel voucher code : “talktomom11”)

This is the correct way to get one hour free call to India, my last post does not work, so I am writing this new blog. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY

I have already posted some articles about Rebtel. This resulted in many new users referred through freevcalls blog. As a token of this now Rebtel is offering 60+10 minutes free trail calls to India, specially for the readers of this blog.

>Register at rebtel (Click here)

>Select your country and nearest city

>Type all the necessary information required with valid email id and the number you are going to register(Do not use the same email ID and number if you have used it before).

>Type the PIN of your choice.

Before accepting the Rebtel’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy click on the Got a voucher code? (At the bottom of the page ) and type the voucher code

(Please note that rebtel voucher codes including freevcalls or freepctohone are working now for India now you can try the new voucher code rebtel for 10+60 mins free trial call to India)

One hour of free calls rebtel voucher from any of our 47 Rebtel countries to the Dominican Republic
Rebtel Voucher code: "Free60DR" (Not for India)

and then click JOIN box, See the screen shot

In the next step you can add the number you are going to call or you can ignore and go directly to my rebtel.

Now you have 10 welcome minutes and 60 Extra mins to call to India. welcome mins can be used to call anywhere in the world but 60 extra mins can be used to call to india only

Leaving comment in any case will build the trust to the readers.

Please note that this voucher code is exclusively for the new users and has never used any voucher code from rebtel, Its not for the old users.

Terms received from rebtel:

New voucher code will be valid for new users only. So if you already have an account with Rebtel and have used previous voucher codes, like the ones provided from our surveys, you won’t be able to redeem this one. Naturally, there are people signing up with the same numerous accounts but with different phone numbers and we can’t help that. But, when somebody sends an e-mail our way and ask why his/her voucher code won’t work and we see that he/she got 10+ accounts under the same e-mail address, we won’t credit their account.

I request you to forward this blog to all your friends, so that they can get the advantage of this voucher code from rebtel.

If you have any problem, feel free to leave a comment, I will try to reply immediately but because of global time you will get answer within 24 hours at most.


  1. Just now i registered, I got 10 min free and Extra 60 also. Thanks lot. Still i have not used i will update u after once i use it.


  2. Okay. Thanks for the Rebtel stuff. But, do you think giving them any random number will work? I believe they keep track of what number the call is originating from using caller ID. I disabled caller ID reveal at my end so that my number would not be delivered to the other end, and it did not work. Please advise asap. Thanks.


  3. Hi Sri..

    Thanks for the positive comment..

    Hi anonymous,
    Thanks for the comments,

    At first moment, just giving random number will not work because you need to veify the phone by enabeling CLI, because rebtel works on CLI option.

    Once you have verified the phone, then you can use rebtel, without caller ID, but its would be very tideous, because you need to dial your registered phone number and PIN everytime before calling the number, NOT GOOD at all....

    Now here is the HACK, if you could do..., You can register any random number (IF YOU CAN VERIFY) Its very difficult to generate a random number caller ID...., and then use rebtel, as you want.

    If you know the way, please let me know.

    Now another way, if you can try with random number, its ok, if not then you can try the extended number, please explore some of my old rebtel hack blog(Click Here)

    feel free to leave a comment for further discussion.

  4. You said, "(Do not use the same email ID and number if you have used it before).". what difference does it make? When I did that and tried from a phone I had used before, it seems to detect the number at this end and gives me 12 seconds! I want to call from the same number. As another person said, they seem to keep "track of what number the call is originating from using caller ID".

    Also, when I registered using a brand new different number with the voucher code, all I got was 10 minutes!

    Please advise.

    Thanks very much.

  5. You say, "At first moment, just giving random number will not work because you need to verify the phone by enabeling CLI, because rebtel works on CLI option.".

    How do I "verify" my phone"
    What is CLI? Not sure of that. Please explain.


  6. Okay, I read your hack and found out what CLI is. :)

    However, when I registered with an extra number attached at the end, I got the error, "The number you have entered is restricted". Now what?


  7. Hi Anony...

    Using extended number works for selected regions, where number more than 10 digits are supporte, if you do not come under that area, it will not work.

    Now using and verifying random number, we have to think ..

    I do not live in US, so I have limited options.

    I have got one mothod, I hope it will work..
    Here are the steps that you have to follow..

    1. You can register at rebtel with any random number and using voucher code "freevcalls" during registration. You will get 60+10 mins just after regstration.
    Now you have to verify the phone.
    Please do not use the same email ID.

    2. To verify the phone, you can use https://www.spoofcard.com/freecall

    Please read carefully, how to use the spoof card, here you can use your real number to call the rebtel access number by giving the random number as your caller ID, this service is only provided by spoofcard.

    Once the number is verified, then you can call india with PIN, though its tedeous but over all its free.

    You can try this and leave a comment, but please restrict yourself not to exploit the service, rebtel is very kind to give 60 mins free call to India with voucher code, which could cost around 5 USD.


  8. hi....

    i live in UAE and this country is not listed in Rebtel....

    plz advice


  9. Hi Rakesh, I am sorry for this but becuase of UAE law, you can not use VOIP services, so you can ot use rebtel from UAE,


  10. Ok guys, I tried it,and I got the 60+10 minutes. However, it does not allow me to call to a mobile phone in India (that is the only one I tried). It says "The friend is not in a non rebtel country". This was my first time, and I was not asked to verify my phone as well. Any suggestions? By the way, I tried this from Germany.


  11. Hi i tried calling to my home mobile number it worked infact the call was very clear. I thank for the Blog and Rebtel for giving me 70 free minutes.


  12. Is this a hoax to fool us or what?

    Or is this a cunning marketing strategy?


  13. Hi everybody,

    Thanks for the post, now you all are getting 60 mins free.

    About the verification of the number, if you add the destination number and call directly, then your number is automaticaly verified with your CLI,

    If you want to by the credit without making first call, then you need to verify your phone.

    About this message for India mobile.. "The friend is not in a non rebtel country" This message is wrong, because Indian mobile is not in a rebtel country, hence not in NON rebtel country. I do not know what is the problem.

    Did any body tried for Indian mobile and is it working for them??

    Thanks to all, please do not forget to forward this blog to all so that they can get advantage of this offer.

  14. I got 20 + 60 mins free next time i registerd with my another number


  15. I got 10 + 60 mins free today i saw $5 free trial on gorilla mobile.com can i try that what do u think about it?let me know.



  16. Hi Anony...

    Thanks for the comment.

    I think you can try the gorilla mobile, but remember to cancel the card before you use the 100 mins or 5 USD, otherwise your credit card will be charged. I could be a good decision to buy the crredit also because the call rate is also cheap.

    I have to further look into details of gorilla mobile and soon write a blog. I am not getting time to write the blog.

    If you try this and like this service, you can write a blog about gorilla mobile. If you like...

    Thanks, please try and leave a comment.

  17. hello,

    Thanks for the hack - works.

    got 10 + 60 min.

    I know Beggars can't be choosers ...
    but is there any way to improve quality of the calls ... I made few calls to India Land line, and all of them said my voice was getting cut off in the middle.

    Thanks for any help on this.

  18. I have joined rebtel in the stone ages and so did many. Rebtel and any other websites would give a starting offer to attract customers....can you tell us something which is not a starting offer but for guys like us who is half way in between....

  19. Hey ppl any1 is used intervoip ?
    hope is genuine voip service....


  20. Hi ashish,
    intervoip is a genuine voip service which belongs to Geramn Betamax GmbH & Co and SwissFinarea SA

    You can see that there software is verified by microsoft.

    They have lot of payment modes

    There are few problems with betamax, you can googel them and fine more details.

    1. Their customer ssupport is almost zero.
    2. They have automatic call abuse checking system, if your account is found to be abusing their policy, your account will be suspended without no reasons. and you will not be refunded the money.
    3. If you already have regitered for another betamx service (check the 27 serivces list on my blog), then you will not be able to register with the same name, and also you can not use the same payment method that you used before.
    4. Their initial call rate is really very cheap.., within one month, it will be 2 cents and finaly it will be increased to 3-5 cents per min and keep on increasing. meanwhile they will launch another another service offering 1 cent call.

    I hope that the picture is clear to you, what is their policy..

    and you can decide what to do?

    Intervoip works in the same way as other betamax services.., you can search my older posts of betamx for more details.


  21. Hi,
    just now I registered, I forgot to enter a Voucher code. so I got only 10 min, Is there any thing I can do now? Please let me know.
    Thank you for your post.I will update you once I use it..


  22. Hi anony, I am sorry for this, now you can only use 10 mins.

    If you have another number you can register and try...

    I have one hack in my mind, but not sure if it will work.., you can try and let me know. here are the steps

    1. first complete 10 mins free calls from rebtel

    2. Register another account with any random number, this time do not forget the voucher code.

    3. Delete you old rebtel account

    4. Now register the old number in the new account and follow the procedure.

    I hope that in this way you can get 70 mins..

    Just try and let me know, do not forget to write to comment if you have any question. if you are going to try now, I am available for one more hour.


  23. hi.. i read your blog and followed as u adviced yet i couldnt do any of the call.. i did get 10min free call and 60min but everytime i call that local number provided by Rebtel it says unassigned number call failed.. :( so disappointed


  24. Hi,
    I am sorry that you have the problem with rebtel, Please contact rebtel customer care. They have very good customer support and they will help you out even you are not paid customer.
    You can write to them through login, first login >>> then click on the get help >>>>then click on the report a problem

    or directly write a mail to support@rebtel.com from your registered email,

    I hope your problem will be solved.

  25. For how long this Promotion is going to be there?


  26. Thanks for the comment, about the validity of the promotion, I do not know exactly but you can consider it more or less two months from the date of activation as told by rebtel.

    Once the promotion is stopped, you will not get 60 mins free calls, but 10 mins would be available.

    So far I have not received any negative comment, If I receive I will update the blog.

  27. I hope even if the promotion is finished and if by that time i havent finished my free 70 minutes it will still be in my account.


  28. Yes, it will be there in your account, even after the promotion is finished.

  29. Hi Man it worked out.......thanks a lot

    expects see more form u :-)

  30. worked for me... I got 60 free mins.. thanks a lot..

  31. i am an existing customer for rebtel. I didnt get 60mins.
    I think its is only for new customers.

  32. hello vikas ..
    I have already registered in this rebtel .. I need a clarification . I have seen some of my friends registerd with other voucher code.. but I have registered with "freevcalls" they got 80 minutes free .. I didn't understand the difference .I have one more doubt how can we get the different voucher codes? What's the difference b/w different voucher codes? I justed want to know how this works? Thanks a lot . your posts are really good and very useful.


  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  34. Hi Vasami, I am sory to say that you can not get 60 mins free for your number, try if you have another number.


    Hi Spandana,

    Thanks for the comments, Different voucher codes is a marketing policy to idntify different channels of promotion.

    The 70 mins or 80 mins are random. using freevcalls rebtel voucher code, some of the readers have also got 80 mins, you can read the comments.

    Why do you want to use different voucher code? WIth the rebtel voucher code policy, you can use only one voucher code at a time.


    Hi Jack_n_Jill
    Thanks for link, I know 7 hacks for this rebtel 60 mins with voucher code, but I do not want to spoil their business as well as mine, so I removed your post.

    I can register a number that does not belong me, but I do not want.

    I know pfingo hack and also voiceglobe hack, but I am not willing to publish it.


  35. hi

    i used 70 minus already now hv 0 minus if i want to add some more minus den wht i hv to do ?

    any idea ?

    plz send any idea if u hv

  36. Free60DR this vocher not working for me i just get 10 free min not extra 60 min i live in UK and i wanna call in USA why i did not get free 60 min

  37. Free60DR this is not working for me

  38. I tried registering but forgot to add the voucher code and later its not taking this code :(

    Please mail me the information how to do it once ur register to siddhmaster@gmail.com


  39. hello sir i registered on Rebtel and i did same as u told in the blog but sir i got only 10 mins not 60 mins please tell me how would i got those 60 mins now, thanks sir ,if possible please mail me at surajrana@live.com

  40. I think this promotion is over.

  41. I think this promotion is over

  42. freevcalls did not work for me... i registered correctly :-( i got only 10 mins. ... buhuhuhuhuhu :'(


  43. Hi guys,

    Thanks for trying this rebtel voucher code.

    Freevcalls has reached its limit and not working anymore, but still you can try and get 10 mins free calls to India.

  44. Hi Vikas,
    i have tried using but unable to collect. Did you ever try making international call to india?

  45. Hi,

    the voucher code: freevcalls is not working...rebtel is not giving away 60 bonus mins...its giving the usual 10 free welcome minutes...that you can get without inputting any voucher code...

  46. i tried to open an account today but it did not give me free 70 min just 10 min.

  47. This Site really works and the sound quality too is un-matched.

    More over the concept of localised number very simple, easy and too awesome. Just save and dial the alternative number provided against your contact's number.

    Very good site and I would really recommend this Site to all of you.

    God bless this site, It was after 3 months that I was able to speak to my family and friends abroad.

    I wish REBTEL all the Very Best.

  48. Awesome! worked for me. I got 60 mins free


  50. how can i registrate the numer of india


  51. Hi Aman,

    You can use it from India, but if you have some friend abroad, tell him to use it.


  52. hi vikas, thanks for doing all this great work,i live in china and before few days i have registerd in rebtel and finised my free 10 minutes can i use now those 60 free minutes, if yes so how and with whcih voucher no.
    is it safe to buy credit by puting cards no. and password.
    please guide me, how i can get more benefit.

    thanks in advance.


  53. Hi Sunil,
    Thanks for the nice words.

    I am sorry to say that you can not use the 60 mins. It was for new users going for fresh registration. MOreover voucher code is expired.

    Yes, its safe to buy the credit with credit card at rebtel. You can also use paypal also.

    Now we have new voucher code "freevcalls2" to double your credit, you can find the link at the top.
    If you need any help, regarding anything. Feel free to leave a comment.


  54. Hello Vikas,

    Thanks for the excellent post and other articles. Its a wonderful blog with lots of useful tips and cracks.

    I would like to know if the new rebtel voucher code, "freevcalls2" is it valid or not (I understand it works on new numbers only)?

    I believe I have seen the similar code on different blogs.

    T Aziz


  55. Dear Tariq,

    Thanks for nice words.

    Now there is no Voucher code working for one hour free call.

    There is only one voucher code "rebtelramadan" is working for 30 mins free calls to muslim countries, It is only for new users.

    The voucher code "freevcalls2" does not give free mins, if you use this voucher code, your money will be doubled, if you pay 10 you get 20. It can be used by new as well as old registered users who has never bough credit before.

    I have written separate posts about it, you can search within my blog.


  56. its wonderful.thank u

  57. hi can i put another voucher code same mobile number pls say it ie possible

  58. hi there can v use the same procedure nw as u hav shown as it was two years b4. wanna know more abt this n vl really appreciate it. thanxs

  59. Hi! I have collected a number of current rebtel vouchers, updated and working! Check them out here: http://www.squidoo.com/rebtel-vouchers


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