Monday, May 26, 2008

One hour free call voucher code from rebtel (Rebtel voucher code : “freevcalls”)

This post has been modified (click here to read about the working voucher code with proper method)

(Rebtel voucher code : “freevcalls”) One hour free call to India, use this voucher code at the time of registration.


  1. hi,

    i tried the voucher code 'freevcall' but it is not working at all

  2. Hi muftjanki
    Thanks for the comment, the voucher code is "freevcalls" not freevcall

    Please note that its totaly for the new users, if you are already using rebtel, then you will not get this trial call.

    Or you are a new user and have already used any other voucher code, then also you will not get the this voucher code working for you.

    Its confirmed from the rebtel that this voucher code is working, let see the report from more readers, if It does not work, I will ask rebtel.


  3. Vikas,

    This code isn't working. Even in a new account. Here is the message

    Invalid voucher number
    The voucher number you've entered is invalid. Please ensure you've entered the code correctly. If it still doesn't work, either the campaign connected to the voucher has expired, or you've already redeemed a voucher with this number.


  4. Dear Jack_n_jill

    I asked Alexander Drewniak working in rebtel and he gave me the voucher code, here are the mails received from him, If it does not work for anybody then I will ask him and remove this post,

    Here are the mails received from him.

    from Alexander Drewniak (
    to vikas (
    date Wed, May 21, 2008 at 9:52 AM
    subject Voucher Code


    My apologies for the delay but here is your voucher code.
    Voucher Code: freevcalls
    It gives you 60 minutes of free calls to India and is exclusive for entirely new users only.
    Best Regards,



    Dear Vikas,

    Just wanted to make sure you received the voucher code and that its working for you properly.
    Write me back or give me a call if you have any questions.


    This is about the validity of voucher code...

    Dear Vikas,

    1. I suggest we try the concept out and run it for trail, say for a duration of 3 months?
    2. The geographical limitations will be from any of the Rebtel countries to India.
    3. New voucher code will be valid for new users only. So if you already have an account with Rebtel and have used previous voucher codes, like the ones provided from our surveys, you won’t be able to redeem this one. Naturally, there are people signing up with the same numerous accounts but with different phone numbers and we can’t help that. But, when somebody sends an e-mail our way and ask why his/her voucher code won’t work and we see that he/she got 10+ accounts under the same e-mail address, we won’t credit their account.
    4. The success rate, as you know, is relative and depends on the user. It is not a case of the code properly, it’s just that the user trying to redeem it is not eligible. So, if you have signed up with a previous voucher code, you will not be able to combine the previous code with this one.

    Thanks for getting back to me,

    ebtel Networks AB
    Augustendalsvägen 19, 7th floor
    Box 1182, 131 27 Nacka Strand, Sweden

  5. I too tried using the voucher.. Saying it is valid, I think this voucher has expired to make international calls.


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