Friday, September 12, 2008

Call US toll free numbers for free from Outside USA

Global business means global support, most of the US based companies are working globaly but they provide US toll free customer care number to provide phone support, unfortunately these numbers are not free, if dialed from outside USA, so if you want to call these numbers outside US, you will be charged the international charge for this.

Toll free numbers starts from 8. for example, If you have soem problems with Citibank NRI account then you can always call their toll free number is 800-248-4674 and also you can call us makemytrip number 800-INDIA-10 if they have not if there is some problem with your e-tkt booking. You need not to write a mail and then wait for their mail. (off course mail is the cheapest and best way, but if they do not reply the mail then??)

Many of us are looking for a option to "How to call USA toll free numbers if calling fom outside USA.

Only yahoo voice provides free calls to toll free numbers, More here>>>>>>

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  1. Calling US toll free 1-800 numbers from skype works.


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