Friday, September 19, 2008

Lingo, Unlimited calls to US, Canada with 2.9 cents call to India and Bangladesh, Free phone adaptor, Free frist month, free shipping and free activat

Lingo's newest South Asia plan offers Free phone adaptor, Free frist month, free shipping and free activation with calls to India and Bangladesh at 2.9 cents per minute and Unlimited calling to anywhere in the US, including HI, AK, USVI, and PR, and to Canada. This all comes with a monthly package of $29.9 month.

This plan could be good for the NRIs or Aamar Bangla friends living in US or canada permanently. Just subscribe for this plan and get cheap calls to India and Bangladesh with unlimited local calling to friends living in Canada and US.

Hurry!! This offer ends 31st October 2008.

What you need to do?
Click Here to Sign with promo code DIWALI and follow the steps

The following services are includes following

Refer your friend and get $25 value American Express card
  • Friends referred to Lingomust sign up after 7/8/08 for you to qualify;
  • After your friend has kept his Lingo service for at least 60 days and if their account is in good standing, you will receive a Lingo Rewards card branded by American Express with a $25 value added to the card within 15 days after all eligibility requirements are met;
  • Cancellation of service by your friend before the 61 days will make you ineligible to receive the $25 value offer.

Terms and Conditions from Lingo:
High-speed Internet connection, Lingo adaptor (included free of charge), and online billing required. 30-day risk free offer refunds paid activation fee. *First month free promotion will be given as a bill credit towards the monthly subscription charge (all other applicable fees and taxes still apply). Not combinable with any other promotions. Offer ends 9/30/08. Lingo is Award-winning service as rated by WIRED Test Magazine (Winter 2008).

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  1. I had been a loyal, long time customer of Lingo - I had signed up with them in December 2004 and had no problems with them until last year. Based on their advertisements, I signed up for Lingo\'s World Max unlimited calling. I paid a $10 fee to make the plan change, which became active towards the end of October 2009.

    We make calls to India, predominantly to a few numbers. We were happily using the service when on Dec 16 my service stopped working. This being the only landline, my 5 month old infant and mother in law at home, we were pretty flabbergasted about the reason.

    When I called Lingo, I was told that they had sent an email 10 days ago (which had gone to my spam folder) about the fact that my usage was excessive and beyond the \"normal\" residential usage. I asked the guy to tell me how much was \"normal\" and what was the meaning of \"Unlimited\". He kept on blabbering about \"average use\", \"expected use\" etc. etc. and was never able to answer anything specifically. When I asked to speak to the manager, he said the manager was busy on another call.

    Finally, as I was traveling to India that evening, I asked what the options were - and he said that I will have to switch back to the previous plan (which did not have India free) - I could not restart on Unlimited World Max plan. It was almost that I was being punished for going over the limit of the \"unlimited\" plan.

    I asked him to switch the plan and restore the service (while at Chicago airport, waiting to board the flight). The next thing I did was to order Vonage right there, before boarding.

    Once Vonage was setup, they took almost 6 days for number transfer (happened on Jan 6, 2010). While looking up my credit card statements, I was appalled to see Lingo charges continuing on the card. I called them up to ask what the charges were for and was told that since I had not canceled the service, those were month charges for Jan and Feb. I asked the rep her name, her agent id and asked her to tell me what service did Lingo exactly provide in Jan and Feb to me, for which they charged my credit card. She said that even though I did not use the service, as per the terms and condition, as the account was still active, they had billed me. I corrected her saying that it was not a question of me \"not using the service\" - \"there was no service available to me from Lingo\" as the number had already been ported out of Lingo and I did not have any other number on the account. So if Lingo decides to bill me, it is charging for nothing and I am going to take this further - to the courts if required.

    She then said that she will request a credit for the two months that they charged me without service. I will wait to see if it actually occurs.


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