Saturday, September 6, 2008

iCall, Make free phone calls to USA and Canada, also receive free incoming calls worldwide from USA and Canada.

iCall is a pc to phone calling service, which allows ou to call USA and Canada from anywhere in the world using your PC with internet and headphone.

iCall is absolutely free service and there is no cost or hidden charge to use iCall to make or receive phone calls. All phone calls that you make to the USA and Canada are completely free, all calls that you receive are completely free regardless of where the caller is located. As well, all calls between iCall users are free.

What you have to do?
download and install iCall basic and start talking for free.

Apart from this, they also offer Free voice mail, the incoming call is through inbound access number with an extension. Just tell people to call any of the numbers below, and when prompted, enter your iCall extension. If you're logged in, your iCall phone will ring and let you know you have an incoming call! If you're unavailable, it'll forward to your free voicemail.

They also offer paid calls to other countries, you can check their rates and if you feel that they are cheap for your country, you can buy.

They are also iCall for the iPhone (beta) with this you can make and receive calls over WiFi, Transfer inbound calls from a regular cell call to WiFi instantly and seamlessly, save your expensive minutes, Access your same address book, Customize your voicemail options.

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  1. I am using this I call from last 3 month but voice quality is not good so my persnol opinian is is good phone service via laptop and good thing is nothing to download.


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