Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free text to speech or text to voice phone calls to USA

While searching on the net, I came across this interesting service of text2phone or text2speech or text2voice calls. This is interesting service, I think you must try this service for your friends and have fun.

Here you type the text and your friend receives the phone call and listen this message.

This service is provided by bored dialpeople service free of cost with some limitations of 400 character and 3 calls per day . In stead of sending SMS you can use this service to send voice text message to your friends without paying anything.

Click here to make the free text 2 voice call.

text to phone

I also tried the aftervoice, but it does not seems to working. This site has been identified as a source of abuse for our phone notify demonstration. So do not try this.

For business customers, you can use CDYNE Notify!, You can send pre-recorded and text to speech voice messages to 10's, 100's or 1000's of phone numbers at one time. Use CDYNE Notify! for outbound telemarketing campaigns, emergency notifications, event planning, or any voice broadcast.

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