Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rebtel promotion, a new voucher code "freevcalls2" to double your credit (spend $10 and get upto $220 ) expires on 08-10-2008

The free trail calls of the rebtel was very nice offer. Around 5000 users got 3,00,000 free mins to call using the voucher code "freevcalls" (not working now)

I hope you enjoyed free calling with rebtel and liked it. Now, for the coming festival season and discussion with rebtel, they are very happy to offer $20 on purchase of $10 with a new voucher code "freevcalls2"

The offer does not finish here.
  • You get 10 minutes free to try their quality after registration.
  • You will get $20 on purchase of $10 with voucher code "freevcalls2"
  • Invite your friend and get 10 minute free if they register.
  • If you friend becomes paid user, you will get $10 for each referred user.
  • You have opportunity to get upto $220 by spending just $10.

Why your friend would be interested in rebtel. Tell him to use this voucher code, he will get all the benefits that you have already got.

I think, you will not get any other better deal than this.

What you need to do?
If you are not registered, click here to register (for detailed instructions click here)
After registration, follow the instructions below, as you are registered user.

If you are already registered and never bought credit before, then follow these instructions
First login to your account >> Click on Add Credit >> and then type the voucher code "freevcalls2" >> click apply
To know the step by step instructions follow this screen shot

rebtel freevcalls2

If everything is right, You will see this message
Success, Your voucher has been redeemed. Hurrah!, If you do not see this message, then try again.

Now you can buy the credit, If you buy $10, you will get $20 instead of 10, you can use paypal or ukash voucher code or your credit card to buy the credits.

I think this is incredible offer.... Please forward it to your all friends to use this voucher get, you will get $10 and they will also get $10 extra with this voucher code.

Please leave a comment after you get your money doubled, it will help readers to build trust.


  1. hii this is pramod ..
    my email

    i have entered the code without buying credit.. it failed..
    i have an account in rebtel..
    so i wanna buy the credit for $10.. so reply me...

  2. hi
    i am using rebtel from few months back, if i understand properly this new campaign is vaild for old users also. so i have used ur voucher code, but urfortunately its nt taking. actually i made a mistake, before purchasing new account i have used the code to check its working or not, it has take the voucher code, that time in zero balance, but still balace shows zero. but after purcahasing10 usd i have used the code again, but my balace is still 10 usd and the code is nt working nw. so where is the problem?

  3. Hi,
    thanx for the code, its working, I got 20 dollars.
    you rock man


  4. Hi everybody,

    Thanks for the comments, as you can see that the code is working. But there is a small confusion.

    This code is for new users as well as for the old users, who are going to buy the credits for the first time.

    If you have already bought credit, it will not work. few days ago, I published on my blog to wait for it, you can create new account with your another number to get this offer.


  5. i am buying the credit for the first time, used ur code. it has taken the code. but the balace is 10 usd still.

  6. hi vikas,
    u have any idea? why the balance is still 10 will show i think 20 usd.

  7. Hi Vijay,
    I have discussed your case with rebtel, I am waiting for their reply. In principle, you should have got the $20 instantly, lets wait for the answer.

    I hope that you have used the code before buying the credit.

    I will update you once get the answer.


  8. i have purchased 10 usd credit and then instantly used ur code. because both looks same.because after using the code, it has shown, tken the code.


  9. This is the first time, rebtel has released such kind of code. They told me that you have to use this code before buying the credit.

    I have also mentioned on the blog about it, first you need to enter the code and then you need to buy the credit.

    Now lets wait for the answer from rebtel, they would be able to tell exactly, what went wrong.


  10. Thanks to all who tried the voucher code, this voucher code is working perfectly, recently I received the mail from Alex, in rebtel, here is the mail

    Hi Vikas
    Not sure how these users went about redeeming this offer but naturally they have to enter the code first and then they make the $10 deposit to get Double Your Money.

    27 people have redeemed the code thus far and 2 have made a payment and received their money.

    Either these users are not eligible or they haven’t made a payment. All I can say from my side is that the code is in fact working. I even tried it out myself just now just be a 100% certain.

    Best regards,

    Now there is not doubt that it is working, now you can buy the credits

    Thanks vikas

  11. hi vikas,
    i am eligable for the promotion. i have first purchased the credit and then reedem the vouche.its clear.but if only u will get the promotion when u will reedem and then purchase. then i am sorry. i hv done the reverse one.

  12. I just used your code "freevcalls2" and got double the recharge of $10. Thanks Vikas. Keep up the good job!

  13. Hi Vikas!

    Would this work, if I were to make a purchase of $50 after applying the voucher?




  14. Hi TM,

    Thanks for your comment, it good question and I havn't mentioned this on my blog. Good that you raise this question,

    The double your money is only for pay $10 and ger $20, so even if you make payment of $50, you will get only $60.

    Why to waste money, just buy with $10 and get the optimim benefit, then ivite your friends, you will surely get some extra mins each time you invite your friends...


  15. Hi..

    How can i use rebtel from saudi arabia.

    Also, is there any other free calls or hack from saudi arabia to India.


  16. Hi Babu (Genious)
    Unfortunately, VoIP is illegal in saudi, UAE.., officially no one offers free calls from saudi arabia. This is the reason you do not find rebtel in the country list.

    But there are some voip companies that you can use before they pickup attentions to saudi govt. for eg, Pfingo.

    Moreover, vbuzzer officially claims to offer cheap calls from middle east from where VoIP is blocked, They claim to have the technology that does not violet the saudi law.

    You can search my blog for vbuzzer published on September 2, 2008, and read it for detail.


  17. thanks,

    I got my money doubled!!!!!
    forst apply voucher code then buy the credit!!! thats how it works!!

  18. I also got my money doubled. The steps are: First apply the code, then add the credit. Thanks a lottt...

  19. Just got my money doubled or I should say tripled. I invited myslef from my home number account to my cell phone new account. Got $30 credit for $10. Great Job!

  20. Hi Vikas,
    Can you tell me how can i remove my number from rebtel. I just want to close my account.
    Also if possible try to find a promocode for existing user's, as this will be gr8 for many ppl.

  21. This is fascinating stuff. I would love to know more. 5 stars and recommended.


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