Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fake VoIP Scams : Unlimited calls to India in $20 per month??? Be careful..

Be aware, Do not proceed to buy the credits without confirming that the VoIP site is legitimate. There had been some cased of fraud websites with good offers.

If you receive a mail or orkut scrap or come across a website which claims the following
  • Unlimited Calls (Chatter Box Plan) to 9 countries.
  • (U.S.A., U.K., Singapore, Australia, Germany, India, China, Netherlands and France)
  • Works with every country mobile/ landline phone.
  • Total cost: $30/$20 per month. (Including Taxes)
  • One time payment. No automatic charges on your Credit Card.
  • Call to as many numbers for as long as you wish.
  • No limit on number of minutes.
  • No charges per minutes.
  • Works with every phone.
I advice you to stay away from such offers. They offer payment through paypal, the user does not realize that he is making the payment without registration. Once the payment is done, the money is withdrawn immediately before paypal blocks the paypal account. if their paypal account is blocked, they create new one start the same business.

They setup a fake site (same design always) and use it for some days with changing PayPal accounts.

For example, now days they have http://infinitevoip.com/ which is a fake site.

Most of the victim of this fraud are Indians as no VoIP company offers this deal and users buy immediately without realizing that something is going wrong.

I came across to such fraudes via orkut scrap while they were having the site talketygroup.C0M which was the copy of http://www.talkety.com/, which is not fake site and also offers 30 mins free tial calls. I immediately reported talkety and simon from talkety replied immediately.
Thanks for contacting Talkety support!
We appreciate your feedback. This is indeed a fraudulent website. We
will now display a notice when users come to us via this site and have
already notified Paypal.
So if you come across any such fake or fraud sites, please report directly or report here, so that it can blocked immediately.


  1. Thanks my friend for info like this..

  2. I boought 1000 minutes for 19.95$.

    You always get a busy signal.... They just have a single number to dial 530-645-5555

    The customer service is also non-existent!!!!

    if you still wanna try them becuase of the low price, go for the lowest avaialble price...

  3. I have used indiaminutes.com. They have chagred me on the average 2.6 cents. Not what they have advertised. Once, I had to hang up and dial the same number again because I got disconnected. Interestingly, they kept on chagring the old call as well as for the new call (from the same number to the same number). So, I was charged twice for the same call. Wrote to the customer service - no response. Called them - they promised that it would be taken care of - but not so far. Probably, dial91.com is a better deal.


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