Thursday, September 18, 2008

Evaphone offers free calls worldwide All countries

Evaphone offers free calls worldwide, it includedes almost All countries including India, china, Bangaladesh, Pakistan, philipines etc.

There is not registration required, Simply visit thir website and start making free calls.

Click Here to Visit Evaphone

Free calls are based on the advertisement,Call duration is very short and the quality is not good. You can check the available free destinations and the allowed free call duration on Evaphone website. Their free call duration vary from 07 seconds to 4:43 seconds.

After you make the call, you can see the reverse timer "Call is scheculed to end in 00:04 seconns)

Apart from free calls, they also offer paid calls, for that registration is required.
If Paid users want to make free calls, they need to check the box "I want to make free calls"

What evaphone says:
To make a free call through the EVAPHONE system after dialing the number and pressing the call button you have to watch a short promo video. The duration and number of calls is limited in time and per IP-address. No registration is needed for a free call. By using the EVAPHONE system's service you acknowledge and agree to the conditions of the Contract, starting when service is rendered.


  1. 7 seconds?!!!!! What is the norm for India?

  2. shit
    is evaphone

  3. what a long call in australia
    ha ha ha ha...

  4. only 2 calls are free?

  5. from where i can purchase a evaphone voucher

  6. any one where can i get eva phone voucher

  7. this evaphone is not working now

  8. I know it, but how to make unlimited calls using this website?


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