Tuesday, September 30, 2008

IconDial : Free internet telephone calls to worldwide destinations

Update: Do not try and waste your time, read other posts of this blog. Due to heavy load on the icondial server, This service is collapsed within two days of its launch.

IconDial is a latest service which has been launched two days ago, which allows you to make telephone calls to any land line or mobile phone in any country. There is no information about the owner, but it seems that it has some relation with MeBeam

They have flashphone to make call directly from your web browser, you do not need to download or install something. Furthermore, No registration is required.

For free calls, you have to listen few seconds advertisement before the call gets connected.

Click here to visit IconDial

There is not much information about the length and number of the calls per day available on their website. They wrote that you can call anywhere in the world. Thats it. Anyway you can give a try to this service and see if its worth using.

I tried the service for Italy and India, the call is going.., for Italy the sound was good enough and for India no body picked up the phone.

Please leave your experience about the call qualities and countries supported.


  1. Wb link not working

  2. Tried it and it doesn't work, only played an advertisment ...

  3. It is not working.after entering the number ad is coming then later just going on ringing.

  4. There are many ways to waste time. The people at IconDial better realize that this won't be one of them! They will be wasting THEIR time, as well, because people will abandon them in big numbers! Good trick - to get people to watch the ad and then let them down!


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