Thursday, August 30, 2007

ISD Calls from India, 10 paise per min

Forget about receiving miss calls from your family & friends from India, Now they can call you for 10 paise per minute, Can’t you believe this..
MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd), Life line of Delhi and Mumbai is giving good news to Delhites and Mumbaikars.

MTNL is the first to offer Internet telephony or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) where subscribers can benefit from ultra cheap ISD calls without even having a PC. For those who make a decision to access MTNL’s Internet telephony via PCs,

The name of the service would be “Netfone” and shall be available to about 150 countries. If you have the PC and broadband, you can make ISD calls as low as 10 paise per min.
The users, who do not have a computer, but wish to make cheap ISD calls, just subscribe to MTNL’s broadband connection and also purchase an Analog Telephone Adaptor (ADA) from the PSU for just Rs 1,500. The adaptor changes the fixed line phone into an IP machine in order that the subscriber does not have to make use of a PC and carry it over the broadband Internet connection.
The customers will be given the choice of two types of plans. In the first plan, for a monthly rental of Rs 200, you can get 400 minutes of SIP-to-SIP calls free and 20 paise per minute subsequently. This plan is called Plan VoIP 200. In the second plan, you will pay a monthly rental of Rs 400 and get 800 minutes of SIP-to-SIP calls free and 10 paise per minute thereafter.

Right now this service is available to Delhi and Mumbai based broadband customers and they will be capable of making an ISD call to any part of the world.

The service is already started w.e.f 27th of August 2007. Why to wait, forward this blog to your friends, family in India and let them avail this service.
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  1. Yaar what do you do??? that you have all these information so quickly?? The Nonoh post was really good, i can call India now very cheaply.
    30 paise sms waala post kab aa raha hian??

  2. Thank you for the comments... I will soon post the blog of SMS at 30 paise per min.

    Please foreward this blog to many people so that they can take the advantage...

    Thank you..


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