Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bestvoipreselling and voipinfocenter, open your own VoIP company for just 150 EUR

Bestvoipreselling is another wholesale service from dellmont srl which is a sister concern of Betamax giving you an opportunity to use their platform to open your own branded VoIP phone company.

Different brands from dellmont/betamax are very popular among the VoIP callers because of their good quality and cheap rates. Actionvoip, jumblo, smartvoip, justvoip etc are few names belonging to this group of services.

Now you can have your own VoIP company for just 150 EUR on the same platform that Betamax is using.

Click the link to visit the website

What you can do with best voip reselling?
  • Earn lot of money
  • Create new users for your Brand
  • Set your own rates or rate margin to earn more
  • Set the rares that your customers are ready to pay
  • Manage your users and resellers
What your customers can do?
  • Call using sip ATA phone using sip settings
  • Call using your branded softfone which can be downloaded from your user area.
Already voiplip is using this platform with his own brand name and offering around one hour call to India just for 50 cents.

You need to sing up at Bestvoipreselling and make a minimum payment of 150 EUR by Ukash, bank transfer or WU money transfer. Then you can use voipinfocenter for your account management.

Final words: some of the Betamax services still offers cheap rates than the rates offered by Bestvoipreselling nevertheless it gives more freedom to grow your business where customers are not aware of Betamax services.

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  1. Which Betamax services gives cheaper rates than Bestvoipreselling ?

  2. please give me an account in voipinfocenter,org

  3. @nabil. Plese send me your email and country location. You can find my email at the bottom of this page.

  4. how do they actually payout? As i understood this before all the money stays on the online account?

  5. the system was good, as they started getting more customers they are playing tricks such as you have to buy credit from expensive ukash option. If you are looking to earn money try other options now.

  6. ukash is just one of the many possible payment methods. And it's the reseller that can make it a goldmine or an learning tool in to the voip business. It's simple like that.

  7. And now they has an api so you can make your own website!! If you add payment system so customers can pay directly.

    Finally they understand how it works :)

  8. please be careful before you sign up if you have majority of Indian customers you will be cheated by the service provider by increasing the rates every month at least for a week. You can't rely on the service as their rate keep changing very often.

  9. Pay 1000 euros in Then my account was disabled. In displays the message: "Error unspecified". Two weeks of communication with the service tech support yielded nothing. Bestvoipreselling why not solve the problem quickly?

  10. pleas give me voipinfocenter account

  11. there is no customer services on the website and no any contact phone no. how the business work

    Ok if you wont an account of reseller programm of bestvoipreselling and voipinfocenter go to or and you found a reseller voip program full with voipsofptswitch full with also calling card and reseller module, more softphone, and moble softphone and all access number ready of BETAMAX /DELLMOUNT and ALL CUSTOMIZED WITH NAME,LOGO AND COLURS YOU WONT, AND IN 24H HOURS ON LINE READY TO SELL ALL FOR FREE. ALL FOR FREE. ALL TOOL FOR TO BE A PROFESSIONAL VOIP PROVIDER(JUSTVOIP,12VOIP,VOIPBUSTER....) ALL FREE. GO TO
    AND ALSO free international calls,webcallback,callback number,softphone for andrio voip,iphone voip,nokia voip,windows mobile voip,blackberry voip,did virtual number, and ,and more. The site are not very beautifoul but the services are grate

  13. i have had an account on, 1 week before it stopped working, when i am trying to login my account it shows "unspecified error", i have sent more than 10 emails to dellmont and bestvoipreselling technical support no reply from them, that is really very painful for me..
    for more details please contact me on email

  14. Hello, if anybody are interested to become voip reseller, or you have any questions how to build this business. Ask me for help; my skype: panamaragr

  15. hey how man can star a voip company like 12voip or just voip company ? what shud I do to get a voip company liek 12voip or justvoip company ?

  16. Yes is the top for to be voip reseller with all tools of professional voip provider and for free


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