Thursday, July 2, 2009

Skype SIP Beta Program, Participate with a temporary Skype Name

Whenever we talk about Skype, We always feel non availability of SIP in Skype. But now I think Skype has felt that and reacted with Skype for SIP Beta Program. Although the program is in Beta phase but I think they will soon come with regular version.

Click here Download the latest version of Skype 4.1

Now let’s have a look on New Skype SIP and how it can be useful:
SIP can help users to directly use Skype network on SIP enabled Phones. Skype SIP is supported on most SIP devices available in market. This will give enough flexibility for business users to implement Skype in their business.

Skype is mainly targeting professional users via SIP facility which will provide following features
  • Reach a community of over 443 million people on Skype through your SIP phone.
  • Reduced costs
  • Higher quality conversations
  • Competitively priced calling rates to national and international destinations.
  • Global PSTN inbound online numbers
  • Skype Network Quality Assurance
To participate in the Skype for SIP Beta Program you will need to create a temporary Skype Name to use for the beta program and you must have, and be able to configure, your own SIP Enabled PBX that supports G.729 codec.

Please follow the following link to Sign up for Skype SIP Beta.

I remember when we don’t have Skype SIP, I used to connect my phone with Skype via Skype Adapter which will cost around 30$ in USA .Definitely I can say that Skype SIP service will be very useful for Business Purposes because most of offices are now equipped with SIP devices.

But what about home users, for them upgrading from ordinary phone to a SIP phone will cost around 130$ for simple CISCO SIP phone, while as a simple Skype adapter is only <30$.>

I request users to comment on this new feature of Skype SIP.

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