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Nokia internet telephone, Betamax SIP settings for NOKIA e series mobile phones (e51, e61, e71, e81, e91)

Nokia e series phones come with inbuilt VoIP SIP calling facility. By using this facility you can make VoIP calls directly from your cell phone using your wireless network or 3G/Edge network and any of the sip enabled VoIP services like jumblo, smartvoip, actionvoip. You don't have to download fring and nimbuzz to use these settings, however fring is easier to configure.

Nokia e series models are
Nokia e5x series: e50 e51 e55
Nokia e6x series: e60 e61 e61i e62 e63 e65 e66
Nokia e7x series: e70 e71 e71x e72
Nokia e8x series: e80 e81 e82 e83
Nokia e9x series: e90 e91 e95 e96 e97 e90communicator

If you own any of the phone, then you can try these setting to save on your international calls. I own Nokia e71 and home wi-fi and its really great to call using this feature of Nokia internet telephone, My calls to India get connected faster than the normal cellular call.

These settings are common for all betamax/dellmot services, just replace betamax.com from your provider name, in the case of smartvoip or jumblo, You need to replace sip.betamax.com with sip.smartvoip.com or sip.jumblo.com

Please follow these steps

Open the SIP Settings (Tools / Settings / Connection / SIP settings).
Make a profile (something like this, check your phone)

Profile Name: My VoIP Profile (You can choose your desired name)
Profile: IETF (keep it at the default)
Access point: (your AP name, like wi-fi or 3G connection)
Public user name: username@sip.betamax.com (replace the username with your own username, and the sip.betamax.com with the one provided by your provider;like sip.actionvoip.com etc.)
Use Compression: No
Registration: Always on (or the other one, if you want it to be on-demand)
Use Security: No

STEP 2 - Skip the proxy setting

Proxy Server Address: none
Registrar Server: none
Realm: none
User Name: none
( just skip above step 2)

STEP 3 - Pay attention to Registrar settings

Registrar Server: sip.betamax.com (afterwards it will show sip:sip.betamax.com)
Realm: sip.betamax.com
User Name: username (Instead of username example, use your real username / account number, see step 1)
Password: Your password
Transport Type: UDP
Port: 5060

STEP 4 - Setting up the internet telephony

Tools / Settings / Connection / Internet Tel. Settings
Create a new profile for “VoIP Call (username)”, name it “VoIP Call” (or as you wish)

Choose “My VoIP Profile” as Preferred profile (the profile name you entered in step 1)

You should see successful registration, Now you should be able to make the call, try to call using the internet call facility, if it does not work reboot your phone.

Go to Tools / Settings / Call / Default call type
Select Cellular to make normal calls, Internet to use VoIP to call.

Now you are done..., enjoy the SIP call facility of Nokia phones. Please note that you have to pay for your 3G data plan charged for making this call, but in some case, you also save money by paying your 3G internet connection.


  1. this is a really helpful information

  2. can i use VOIP calling on my N78 without fring or nimbuzz??

  3. hi I'm from qatar and i have a aproblem :
    i have done all sittings step by step but there is no successful registration , only saying registration failed. what can i do? help me please.

  4. i can not make registration smartvoip my set nokia e66

  5. not able to find the int. tel. settings on E71x - any idea at and t blocked it?

  6. Thanks you very much. I used it successfully with my Nokia e71. I used SIP server of freecall.com. It works very fine with my wifi.

  7. please advice sip setting for freecall user. i m unable to register by this given setting. there is a message Not Registerd, please adivce thanks in advance

  8. Thank U very much this setting working fine with Nokia E90 iam using Jumblo internet calling

    Abdul Samad

  9. Salam Abdul Samad brother,

    I'm in Dubai, im using Freecall, i used the above settings but it didn't connect from my mobile. then i downloaded Jumblo and tried to create an account but it says "due to an unknown error your request for an account is denied" Can u please help?? Ahmed Khan

  10. hi dear,
    i have a doubt about this, i already done above all setting in my nokia E63,but still
    it showing not registred...will it work in UAE?
    please help me some one know about this..
    thanks&regards, OTS.DxB

  11. hi.i didnt find internet tel setting in my nokia N97??olz help me

  12. I stay in the UAE and tried using Spokn on the E 71 and it says not registered

  13. Hi fring dubai not work halp me bhanwarsaran2008@gmail.com

  14. Hi great information. I was also uising the NOKIA sip client to make VOIP calls. NOW I bought a new NOKIA e72-1 in London and as I am trying to set up the VOIP client but I am having a problem.
    I can find the SIP settings and I set up my Broadvoice.com VOIP account wihtout any problem,

    But the Internet Tel. setting is no longer under the Connections menu.... I looked in almost every menu but I cannot find the Interenet Tel settings, any one please help me.

    The strange part is that even without the Internet Tel. icon , when I try to call anyone on my phone nbook, the I can choos the Option :
    Cell Call
    Video Call or
    Internet Call

    So, when I choose Internet call a windowns open
    asking : "Internet call service is not active. Activate now ? "

    I answer yes but it syas, "Activation fails"

    It is like the capabilities on Inernet tel is there but the icon to really connect to the VOIP / SIP profile is not visible to us, to configure.

    I am wondering if NOKIA have hidden this option somewhere else on this NEW NOKIA e72-1.

    FYI- I bought this UNLOCKED phone directly from NOKIA in London, so it is not like the NOkia e71x from ATT here in USA that ATT block the Internet Tel. icon so no one can use the NOKIA client in the USA.


    my email address is : melo2006@gmail.com
    in case someoone would like to contact me directly.

    Thanks a lot.

    YES, I have Fring but I prefer the NOKIA client.

  15. i had followed the same steps. but was gettting same issue. connection faild. but when i setup proxy as well with the same settings.

    i got connected. wanted to sehare with you guys... happy days... i use e63

  16. I think this should bring you a step closer, but still it didn't work for me yet:

  17. This is good, I try to my E71 but I can't possible If i will make registeration that show registration faild, Do you know about this error.

  18. my sip calls works with e71 very well then i bought e72 sip not working with this,please help ...

  19. i had n 97 but ihad one problem also. why no internetcall option e series all mobile has that option but this is too expensive why not if that option had to easy to use nymgo call if any body knows that option pls let me know manoj.gadupu@yahoo.com

  20. i done up to 3 step but i cannot to do the step 4

  21. i heve nokia E 90 i cannot do sip setting pls help me

  22. now you can try mobilevoip from betamax for symbian phones like yours

  23. Tools / Settings / Connection / Internet Tel. Settings ---- THIS INTERNET TEl Setting Option is NOT AVAILBALE ???, THEN WHERE TO GO PLEASE SUGGEST
    Go to Tools / Settings / Call / Default call type ------ This Option Not available IN E 72 I purchased?????????

    The sip setting was done But further Its Unable to complete as steps to follow with options are Missing, I purchased E72 recently to add this feature Only, Any One Please Help

  24. I have been fighting with this for a while: I changed some options and it works now (on e71)

    Service Profile ietf
    public user name: -----@nonoh.net (not @sip.nonoh.net!)
    Use compression - no
    Registration - when needed
    Proxy Server
    Proxy server address: sip.nonoh.net
    Realm: nonoh.net
    user name : just the part before @ sign!!
    Allow loose routing : Yes
    Transport type: UDP
    Port: 5060
    Registrar Server
    the same as above

  25. Nokia E52 (E72 will be the same s60 3rd FP2).
    Menu - Control panel - Net settings. Here I have second part of SIP setup (missing Internet tel. option)

    It takes 8 hours and full format of the phone to find it. Next I will spend 14days to get the phone to state before format :-)

    see this pdf from nokia:

  26. i ve e72 i ve successfully registered my sip acc but did not find internet teklephone so what should i do now

  27. i am using nokia e66 and my action voip sip profile has been registered thanx to you but when i try to call it says internet telephone service not available . . .pls help

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  29. Mr.pack
    i need know whether E72 mobile will support voip call via 3g connetion..
    i try some time...but i can'able to config...plz help for config...


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