Friday, June 12, 2009

Send and receive fax from your PC or laptop using fax/data modem and your telephone line

Are you thinking of buying a fax machine to send and receive faxes? If yes then do not spend your money, read this blog, it will help you to save the cost of the fax machine.

Now days most of us have a fixed telephone line and computers/laptops with inbuilt fax/data modem which we use to connect dialup internet network. Do you know that the same modem can be used for fax purpose?

Yes, it can be used for fax purpose. You should have one out phone line, one pc/laptop with fax/data modem and fax service enabled. for this you need to install the Microsoft fax console. This software enables and configures fax service.

Please note that you do not have to activate the telephone line and do not need any Internet connection. for using the fax services.

The documents are well documented on Microsoft website.

How to Install, enable and configure fax console?

How to send a fax?
Open the document, select print (CTRL+P) and select Fax and follow the wizard. Alternatively you can use the send fax wizard.

How to receive a fax?

Fax console only comes in Windows XP (Home+pro) but not in all the versions of Vista.

Almost all the laptops comes with inbuilt fax/data modem but for Desktop PCs you need to buy a separate card, which is very cheap.

If you have fax/data/voice modem, then you can also use your computer to make phone call via your telephone line

Just think little bit, you will be able to send mails to another PC not having internet connection. I will discuss this in future.

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  1. Send and receive fax from your PC or laptop using fax/data modem and your telephone line - pls let me know the cost of Fax sending ? will the fax go via internet connection ? or i have to pay international calling charges per minute ? Awaiting reply on email : or sms +919869652350 .


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