Tuesday, June 23, 2009

LowCaller for Symbian Nokia phones, Make direct calls from you mobile using betamax access numbers

The recently introduced feature of the betamax services is "Nokia Phone: LowCaller", which allows you to make calls from your mobile exactly the same way as you do now. No need to dial the betamax access number or storing the same contact as a new number.

This service does not use any internet 3g, GPRS data plan. It will only by pass the step of dialing the local access number from your mobile and you will be charged the local rate for that call. So try this feature only when you have unlimited or free minutes to call to local access number.

To use the lowcaller, you need to download & install this application. You can download this for your Nokia (and most other Symbian devices) N series, E series phone like N78, N85 etc.

Click here to downlaod, alternatively you can visit your corresponding betamax service and download the Lowcaller_v1.sis file.

For more information visit http://www.lowcaller.com/info.php

After installation you can view or change the LowCaller settings.
On your mobile phone go to Menu --> Applications --> LowCaller.
  • Active: enable or disable LowCaller
  • Autostart: starts LowCaller when you switch on your mobile phone
  • Local Access Number: displays the geographic access number; this cannot be changed
  • Use Local Access Nr: select to use LowCaller for all calls or only when you are calling abroad
  • Ask me: select if you want LowCaller to automatically redirect all calls via the local geographic number or to ask before every call

Using the LowCaller is disabled when you are abroad and roaming on a foreign network.

At this time Lowcaller is only available in these countries:
  1. Austria
  2. France
  3. Germany
  4. Ireland
  5. Netherlands
  6. Switzerland
  7. United Kingdom

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