Monday, June 22, 2009

myOnlineCall offers 50 cents start bonus to call for free

myOnlineCall is a German company offering 50 cents worth free call to its new users, You can take advantage of this promotion to make at least one call free to your country. For India this call could last around 15 minutes which is equivalent to one normal paid call. However you can use this service for as many calls you want.

1. To start myOnlineCall please fill out the registration form on their website. (
(The main website is in German; however the website is available partly in English to attract international customers. Click on the British flag to find the website in English)
2. You will receive an eMail with a confirmation link. Please click on this to activate your account.
3. Begin calling with the 50 cents free credit given to you.

If you are interested to buy some credits, then Buy a PaySafeCard with an arbitrary amount to charge your account.
Login to myOnlineCalls and charge your account. You can use the phone immediately.

Enjoy free calling.


  1. It works!! Thanks dude, you made my day.
    16 minutes worth of uninterrupted call. Tuitalk is such a pain to use now..

  2. Working Great!! Awesome Service!!

  3. "However you can use this service for as many calls you want." How? Please explain. Thanks.

  4. If you had not told us, I'd never know where the English site is. So much for a user-friendly site. :(

  5. Hello
    is there possible to use a softphone app with myOnlineCall?

  6. yes, you can call using the flash softphone of myonlinecall, just login to your account of myonlinecall and you will see the softphone with free credit to call

  7. Yes, it is good
    but i would like to use an different softphone, like x-lite for example... is that possible??? the sound quality on myonlinecalls flash softphone sucks!!!

  8. Service has decreased their bonus to ONLY 0.10 Cent ! this is stupid !
    I really hope our free call brainiacs will find a better easy to use services !


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