Friday, June 19, 2009

Actionvoip rates increased, time to switch to jumblo

Recently actionvoip has increased the rates to call to India, now its
To India Mobile: 0.01 EUR (1 cent)
To India Landline: 0.009 EUR (0.9 cents)

Now jumblo, owned by same company is offering these rate
To India Mobile: 0.007 EUR (0.7 cents)
To India Landline: 0.01 EUR (1 cent)

Apart from this you also get 90 free days to call many destinations if you recharge yoru account with min of 5.00 EUR.

You can decide which one suits you and then buy the credit.

Important: Do not use the same credit card which you have already used with another betamax/dellmont services. If you use your same credit card again, your both accounts will be marked as fraud and will be blocked and betamax does not have good customer care support.

If you have any payment problem, like do not have credit card, do not see paypal in the preferred payment methods then you can mail us and will help you in buying credit.


  1. Thanks vikas for best opnion

  2. can we use one paypal account to buy credit from different services of betamax??

  3. No, you can not use the same paypal account in two accounts.. with betamax or dellmont, in the first step payment would be successful but immediately it would be refunded back to you. The best thing to fine resellers to buy credits, if you need help., you can contact us

  4. hi vakas,
    now i i would like to start own voip company like you mentioned. so please give me your personla contact mail or mobile number to talk personally.
    my id is
    thank you.

  5. sir,when i use action voip from my pc the sound is very bad i cant hear anything only disturbing sound,i try every thing i went to technecian he said every thing is ok. but still i have the same problem. (i can use jazvoip sound very good from my pc)then why not action voip working properly.
    but i like actionvoip some one please solve my problem

  6. Dear Sir/Madam,

    if you need excellent quality and faster registerations,works behind the NAT or from blocked countries UAE. here is new product "Voxdialer".. Symbian based mobile dialer.

    VoxDialers™ is a soft phone or mobile VoIP dialer to make VoIP calls from the mobile phone. This has been designed keeping VoIP providers' requirement in mind.
    VoxDialers not only let your clients to make VoIP call from their mobile phone using your VoIP service, but will let you do the branding of your service as an operator.


    * Internet enabled Nokia Mobile (FOr models visit
    * VoIP Dialer application supported handset. (VoxDialers - Compatible List)
    * GPRS / 3G / Wi-Fi service from service provider
    * Nokia N and E series Mobiles.
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    Protocol Compatibility

    Supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).
    List of Codec VoxDialers™ supports
    VoxDialers™ supports G729, G711 and AMR.


    * User-friendly interface.
    * Auto sync and display of balance on the card.
    * Realtime status messages.
    * Timer
    * Balance on demand by dialing IVR extension.
    * Stores upto 50 call logs.
    * Loud speaker
    * Displays native Mobile phone book
    * Works behind NAT or private ip or voip blocked countries.
    * Works with Voipswitch,Asterisk,voicemaster,freeswitch and any other sip standard softswitches.
    * Supports Qos
    * Use the natural keys of the nokia mobile to dial or to end the call.(Red & Green).
    * This software will run on the phone having Operating system. For more details compatibility list, please Click here.
    * Is fully customizable.
    o It can be branded according to your taste and with your own brand.
    o And your client will download the dialer with full configuration of your service (i.e. switch IP and others)
    o Your client does not need to configure anything else, except inputting PIN of their account.
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    Technical Specification

    * VoxDialers™ has been designed for best performance at low bandwidth and behind NAT. It uses its SIP stack for handling SIP protocol.
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    * VoxDialers™ can enhance voice quality by choosing suitable codec, codec supplied by Phone manufacturer or from its own implementation.

    * It has very efficient implementation of jitter buffer to play voice smoothly.

    * Silent suppression and comfort noise generation has been used to reduce the bandwidth usage. And this makes the dialer more efficient in making VoIP call.

    For more information about the voxdialers :

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