Friday, June 12, 2009 dellmont VoIP offers cheap calls to India and Pakistan and free calls to Uzbekistan Landline

Few days ago we discussed about jumblo offering cheap and free calls to many destination. After doing detailed analysis we found few features

Free call to Uzbekistan
First time, any VoIP is offering free calls to Uzbekistan landline, You can pay 10 EURs and make free calls for 90 days.

Cheapest call to India Mobile
jumblo offers 0.7 cents to Indian mobile whereas actionvoip is offering cheapest call to India landline. Combining these two services, you can make cheapest calls to India.

Cheapest call to Pakistan Landline
Calling rates to pakistan are only 3.0 cents per minutes to Landline phone, which I think is cheapest today. They are also offering 5.0 cents to Mobile, which is comparable to 4.9 cents offered by voipian.

Want to try jumblo with only 5 EUR. Do write me a mail

If you find something more with jumblo, please leave your comment.


  1. Prime Time Telecoms is cheaper.
    They offer cheapest rate to india mobile: 0.01290
    I just did my findings and got:

    Only good for India. Dont believe the calling to free countries.
    when i started getting charged for usa and australia under FUP policy in my freedays, I signed up for Rynga and after 2 days my Rynga account is also charging me for all free calls under f*****g FUP policy. I wrote several times but got no reply at all.

  3. Delmont have charged my credit card twice but i have not received any account, i wrote them but no answer yet , i think ihave lost 20 euro for F....g getting cheap calls.

  4. regards sir i wana have 5euro trail pakage butthe prob is that i live in uae so do u have any delar here if u can reply to my maul would be most batter that how can i get dailar and credit thanks my id is

  5. ya you guys are absolutely right..i also also my 5 euro .i reached my account of 10 euro its worked for 20 days and now i am getting problem .i mean i can't call to any number.its showing message "sorry ,you are not allowed to call on this number"..i have also try to contact several time with customer care but they didn't reply of my mail..
    i thinks jumblo is totally fake .it is good source to earn money easily..

    if any body have a solution of my problem ..let me know..or any one have the contact number of customer care.??

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