Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zenofon Update, Free calling credit reduced to $5 and will further reduce to 1.25 USD

In my last post, I talked about zenofon offering 10 USD free calling credit to new users referred by the referral link. Since the number of Zenophytes have reached 2000, they are are lowering the free trial credit from $10 to $5. When they will hit 3,000 Zenophytes, it will be further drop down to $1.25 free credit. They plan on dropping that further when they hit 5,000 Zenophytes. So make it hurry and register as soon as possible.

Referral link to get $5 or $1.25 extra credit:

Around 112 lucky readers of this blog registered with zenofon and could get 1120 USD worth free talk time, apart from this they also got some referral bonus from their friends.

If you are reading this blog quite late, then I request you to register immediately to get the maximum benefit and also you should tell your friends to join fast so they get the free $5 not just $1.25.

$5.00 Free for first 100 zenofon facebook fans
If you become our fan on Facebook, (page is they will give you $5 extra to try. This offer only applies to our first 100 fans.

Zenofon offers n tier referral credit, It means when they refer your friend and he makes first call then it will trigger a $1 zeno commission. You will get 50 cents, the person who referred you will get 25 cents, the person who referred them 12.5 cents, dividing by 50 percent up the line back to the beginning. So refer as many friends you can refer.


  1. even people need little more explanation to call
    if they do not call commission will not generated. so they need little explanation how to setup call.
    its up to you. you have more experience with people.

  2. just give your phone number and give international number. and Zenofon will give you a US based number which you dial from your registered phone and you call will be forwarded to your internation destination.

  3. their face book page is here great service post this page in blog

  4. their free trial period has been suspended. They may start it form next week or any time till now we can enjoy cheap call rate by buying through credit card.

  5. Zenofone is coming back with one or two change so please have a look on your e mail. they will be back with a day or two.

    My request is can you put my link with your link on your blog so I get some referal bonus . I will keep you inform about such exciting offer.

    my link is

    this is not a comment but there is now way to e mail you so I am doing it.

  6. zenofon has started giving away one dollar free for sign up.
    it is not written on their new section yet but click here on sign up link and you will see that
    on sign up link

    no credit card needed just

    sign up with e mail.

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