Wednesday, June 10, 2009

billiger-telefonieren: Cheap International calls from Germany landline phone

If you are staving in Germany and having one landline and looking for cheap solution for international call without extra effort then read this.

billiger-telefonieren is a site by Maximilian Online Media GmbH which generates coupons, which can be used as prefix before your phone number to make cheap international phone calls.

These coupons keep on changing, to find the latest coupon follow these steps

2. In the section of "Schnellrechner Festnetz", you can select the country that you want to call,

Example: For INDIA select
Indien for Indian landline number
Indien (Mobilfunk) for Indian mobile

3. click on "berechnen"

In the next page you will see the rates for that hour and date.

You can find the cheapest call rate (Preis) and prefix number (Zugang) and billing cycle (Takt). You can pickup the cheapest rate and the corresponding 5-6 digit prefix code. Sometimes you can find the calling rates to India which are less than one cent per minute.

How to dial?
TO call the international number, just pickup your German fixed phone, Dial the prefix followed by your International number.

If the prefix is 01029 and the number you want to call is 0091-XXX-XXX-XXXX, then dial 01029-0091-XXX-XXX-XXXX

You will be connected to your final destination. The cost of the call will be included in your monthly phone bill. You will be charged with the same rate that is published on this website.

Thanks to Mr SG (hidden name) for sharing this tip with us, if you know any offer in your locality which helps you saving the cost of your phone bill, then let us know.

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