Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Voipian beta: Just 1 Cent per Call to over 60 destinations.

VoIPian comes from the same group of services of voipax and freebuzeer. This service looks like other betamax service but are different.

Thanks to comment from "Mikevoip" to let us know about this service.

In the test beta phase of VoIPian, they are offering 1 cent call to over 60 destinations (unfortunately India not included) independent of the duration of call. You need to download the softfone and register to make the cheap calls.

This offer is limited during the Voipian beta stage. The Voipian Superdeal is available throughout Voipian's beta test phase. After the beta test phase, prices are subject to change.

Viopian also offers several features. 
  • PC to PC calls
  • PC to Phone calls 
  • Use your own SIP device
  • Phone to Phone Calls (coming soon!)
  • Send SMS (coming soon!)

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