Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Send Free FAX to North America without ADS

Hello friends, here in FreeVcalls we always try to cut down your bills. Today we are using internet in all fields to make or life easier. Today we will discuss about sending free FAX , through internet. With Faxorama, anyone can send FREE faxes to anywhere in North America. without ADS on FAX page except one simple FaxOrama logo.

So lets see how it works
  • Go to
  • Fill out both the Sender and Receiver Information
    (Only name, email and fax numbers are required)
  • Click "Browse" and select the local file on your computer
    ( * .PDF, *.TIF, *.DOC, *.XLS and *.TXT files only)
  • Enter in the 4 digit confirmation code that is displayed.
  • Click "Send Free Fax Now"
  • Check for an confirmation mail on the email id you have provided and click on the link inside.
Now your FREE fax will then be delivered to the recipient.Upon successful delivery, or if there is a problem with delivery, you will receive a delivery notification email, letting you know the final status.

(For proper receipt of confirmation mail please add to non spam list.)

Currently is allowing you to send 2 FREE faxes per day containing up to 5 pages per fax.

Thanks to Mike for sharing faxorama to us. Feel free to share your experience of faxorama to all by leaving a comment.

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  1. very nice service to send the fax thanks


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