Saturday, April 11, 2009

Smartvoip offers half cent call to Indian mobile and landline: Cheaper than Actionvoip

Recently we discussed about actionvoip offering cheapest call to India, It is still not clear that actionvoip is the betamax service or dellmont service but it does not matter. The call rate offered was half cent to landline phone and one cent to mobile phone. Now another betamax voip service smartvoip reduces the call rate to 0.5 cents to both Indian mobile and landline which is just 33 Indian paise per min.

Web site of smartvoip:

They offer their regulaer service which includes
- Local access numbers
- Phone-to-Phone
- PC-to-phone
- FreeDays

Smart voip also includes free destinations like china, Canada, Russia etc, which is added advantage over actionvoip.

if You have any registration or payment issues/ problem, it is dues to the another account of betamax that you already have and used the same payment system. If you have any problem, please leave your comment.


  1. Vikas,

    I hope you have received my mail regarding the problem with Pingo's Trial offer.


  2. HiVikas
    VOIPRAIDER offers cheaper calls and they cost 0.035 cents to india

  3. there is problem with all these voipes like actionvoip, smartvoip. i tried signing up for both but when i use paypal for payment it refunds money back stating "This transaction is refunded because we do not allow using the same paypal account on more than one user-account. Thank you for understanding"

  4. Hello Ravi
    Dude 0.5 cent is cheaper than .035 euro ;-P

    Dear Vikas! I am wondering why betamax is playing game with their resellers!! Now for resellers it wont be easy to guide again n again their coustomers that which voip is going to be cheap..
    Although Betamax Rules over the market because of quality and stability!! There is a request from betamax to update the dialer for UAE users as their network is blocked since last week..

    I request for new consumer must take the advantage of Smart-VoIP because it is half cent to india and free for many destinations like china, Brazil,Canada,France etc.
    Hello Mainsh!
    To use it, buy credit 10euro (Redeem Voucher) from your nearest reseller! any how reseller option is cheapest and good from any other methods.

    With Regards
    Daideepya Chandra Bhargava
    VoIP Lover

  5. Hi Bhargava,
    Just to clear you, even 0.05 cents is a euro cents, so i believe as mentioned by Ravi VOIPRAIDER offers cheaper calls at 0.035 cents

  6. Hi guys

    As of now SMARTVOIP is the cheapest option with 0.005 Euro cents to call India

    VOIPRaider is 0.026 Eurocents (to landline).

    I dont understand you all say VOIPRaider is the the cheapest one

  7. Hi guys use Reliance india call it's very cheaper. In italy Telephone centers are cheaper.

  8. hi guys,
    Smartvoip has raised thier price to india to 1 cent (US dollars including vat)

  9. I feel SmartVOIP , ActionVOIP etc company owners are same and have the same web sites look like. rates are also same. I always head into the stuffs where I see the rate 0.01x either Euro or USD.

  10. Hi as you said that for India from Smartvoip the call rate is 0.5 cents to both Indian mobile and landline which is just 33 Indian paise per min.
    But when I checked in Smartvoip it was 68 paise..
    Please check it.
    Tuesday,August 18, 2009

  11. can u send me nokia e 52 smartvoip sip setting
    My Email :

  12. search for nokia e52 smartvoip sip setting in this blog, you will get it

  13. Hi
    Can anyone tell me the cheapest VOIP rates for India?
    How about voice clearity?
    Which one is better to use from voice clearity point of view, even if its lil more costaly?

  14. hi,, this is kumartesh from qatar,,,,

    i have a problem in smartvoip,,,
    i am a smartvoip user,, past two months ago my smart voip is in problem,,,, means not logged,,,, i cant make calls,,,,,

    Can you give me the solution for this,,,

    Thanks & Regards


  15. hii...that was a bug and it is now fixed in the new update...just download the new version and enjoy it

  16. please let me know what cheapest voip for india at the moment

  17. try pingo one buck offer

  18. Hi,

    I have Mac pro, I want to use voip service to call in India. Previously I had smart account when I was using Mac. But Now it is not possible for me. Can you suggest me which software I can use for using Voip facility on Macbook.


  19. whats cost india to canada

  20. i cannot call to my indian mobile number but i recharged my account on yesterday so please help me solve this problem

  21. dear sir,

    my smart voip username; dhamim-imop02

    i recharged the smart voip yesterday. afterthat i called to my personal indian number. but the call is not going. when i call to that number it is suddenly comes to call ended. i dont know why its coming. this same problem is also in jumblo so please help me to rectify this and help me to call india sir

  22. What is the use. You can hardly hear the other person. Totally bogus service


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