Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tata Indicom QuickFinder Navigator and Quick Finder Maps

Never lose your way, that’s what TATA Telecom is saying. On Monday 20 April, TATA Teleservices has launched its location based GPS service. This is a unique type of service named as QUICKFINDER A-GPS (Assisted Global Positioning System) service. The first-of-its-kind location-based service will be available to Tata Indicom subscribers. This technology is powered by Qualcomm’s QPoint solution and gpsOne technology integrated into Qualcomm chipsets. A-GPS service uses the most advanced positioning methodology to provide users with precise position information, including inside buildings and structures, Mr Anil Sardana, Managing Director of Tata Teleservices Limited, said.

Present GPS technology work best only when the GPS antenna is visible to open sky and can fail to determine the users first fix point if the antenna is not visible or is only partially visible. Furthermore, conventional GPS systems may take between one and 10 minutes for first start point, even in the case of open sky. QUICKFINDER overcome these problems with a hybrid system that uses both A-GPS and gpsOne technology to deliver fast and accurate results. It will provide users start position in seconds and with accuracy up to and within 5-10 meters.
Right now TATA has launched QUICKFINDER service in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Ahmedabad and only with two handsets
  • Blackberry 8830 World Edition
  • MotoRAZR V3

Special Features:
  • You can receive directions from a specific start point to a specific destination.
  • The QuickFinder Navigator will give you real-time guidance…so you will know exactly where you are at any point in time.
  • Voice guided driving instructions
  • Notification of wrong path.
  • Pan in on the map on all 4 directions and zoom in and zoom out on your screen.
  • SMS your location to friends and family (only on Moto Razr).

You can find relevant POI’s from multiple categories like Apartments, Entertainment & Shopping, Hotels & Dining, Travel & Tourism. You can also search for POI’s by name.

Steps to get Quick Finder
  • Moto Razr: Go to Tata Zone, click on Mobile Shop and download the QuickFinder Navigator/QuickFinder Maps from the catalog.
  • BlackBerry: Go to Tata Zone and click on the QuickFinder Navigator/QuickFinder Maps link to download the application

To verify whether your Moto Razr can support the applications, please follow the steps outlined below to check the software version of the device:
Go to Menu Phone status Other Information S/W Version GATW218_05.05.00R
If the software version is not ‘GATW218_05.05.00R’, then you need to upgrade your Moto Razr.

* QuickFinder Navigator Rs.200 for 30 days on Moto Razr & BlackBerry.
* QuickFinder Maps Rs.50 for 30 days on Moto Razr.
* QuickFinder Maps Rs.100 for 30 days on BlackBerry.

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