Monday, April 6, 2009

Photon Plus :Tata Indicom Launches Hi-Speed Wireless Broadband with Photon+ in India

Forget the word SLOW internet speed. Tata Indicom has launched its High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) with brand name of Photon+ . Basically Photon+ is converted name of EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized or Evolution-Data only). EV-DO was designed as an evolution of the CDMA2000 (IS-2000) standard that would support high data rates and could be deployed alongside a wireless carrier's voice services.

Right Now TATA Indicom has launched this services in selected cities and moreover it depends whether Photon+ service signals are available in your area.

Photon+ claims speeds up to 20 times faster than regular CDMA data speed. Max downlink speed is 2.4 Mbps. This speed depends on various factors like Network strength and time of day. Well we have checked this and we got speed of 1.2 Mbps checked throush speedmeter.

Cost of the service is ,you can say is not so expensive. But this gives you wireless freedom. Photon+ basic plan starts with Rs 500/month with download limit of 0.5 GB. Higher plan is of 1250Rs/month with limit of 15GB traffic. Every Extra usage is charged Rs1/MB

You can access Photon+ service with specially provided USB modem sticks which will initially cost you 3500Rs. All you now need to do is just plug the USB Modem into your Laptop/Desktop PC and you are ready to access a whole new world of High speed internet connectivity.

In future, tata income will also sale wireless router which is easy, quick to install & does not require any wires etc. Just install the activated device in your office or home and it is ready to use. 

Details can be found at (Copy and paste in your browser)

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