Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Everyday free SMS to Europe and one time 3.5 EUR free trial call credit to call globally.

We discussed about toolani last time as it was offering 0.5 EUR free trial, after further reviewing their service I found that it gives you 3 EUR free bonus when you refer at least one friend, which is not difficult to get. So in total you get 3.5 EUR free trial credit which can be used to call 233 destinations globally. So just recommend your friend and get 3 EUR as a bonus as soon as your friend uses your link to register without any purchase.

Click here to get Trial credit from toolani

If your friend makes some purchase with toolani, then you are paid around 15-20% of the purchased amount.

Apart from this trial offer, Toolani offers 10,000 text messages per day FOR FREE to all European countries where sending SMS may cost you 5 cents per SMS. With this offer every user is entitled to send up to 3 text messages and the receiver cannot answer directly to the recipient’s number.

We sent the trial message and found that the message is send from toolani@ and Your message is followed by the advertisement of toolani "international calls: to 233 countries. Test now www.toolani.com"

Basically it is an advertisement, but anyway good to send free SMS.

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