Monday, March 30, 2009

Toolani: Free Trial, Up to 25 minutes to over 230 destinations worldwide

Toolani is an Austrian company offering up to 25 minutes (limited to 50 EUR cents) free calls worldwide including India.

To receive free calls
  • Click here to Register with Toolani.
  • Enter the desired destination numbers. For each one, you will receive a corresponding local number.
  • Place your call using the local number from Toolani, which connects you to the international phone number.
  • Save the new numbers in your registered cell phone and call the local number.

You will receive a local phone number for each international number you wish to reach. Simply dial the local number and Toolani automatically connects you with the desired destination number, at a much lower price.

Toolani claims Crystal Clear Connections with Toolani Hybrid Optimization Technology, which guarantees excellent quality connections all over the world. Disturbance and noise-free. No Headset or Computer Necessary with mapped number, but you have to pay for the local call. With Personal Caller ID, Toolani transmits your own number as the sender number so the party called will recognize your number as the sender. is the same site in dutch while is in English.

We did not try any hack for this site. I think you can only go for multiple registration if you have more than one number.

Enjoy free calling.


  1. thanks for the new offer information

  2. Thanks Vikas, it seems to be promising in mobile VOIP technology,

  3. i am not able to open this site now i dont know why

  4. I know a simular service which is a bit cheaper than toolani. Check out there you get up to 40min free calling by signing in.


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