Monday, March 16, 2009 webchat with Yahoo, Gtalk ,AOL and MSN friends

Chatting (Text,video and Voice) is most used feature of internet. Few people use Yahoo ,While other use GTalk, MSN or AOL. There are no of websites which allows you to chat from all of these service at a single platform without insalling a software. 

Remeber the success of google chat, it was the first to offer the webchat feature integrated with email. Now Iloveim comes with web based chating platfrom where you can use any login and chat with any of the friend, it does not matter which software he/she is using. designed to use Yahoo, MSN, GTalk and AOL at one single webpage. No need to install messengers seperately. No softwares , Nothing.. You can also use voice or video chatting ( this function is very unique for web based chatting).

This website can also be useful for people who wants to chat from their office. In most of the offices chatting softwares are blocked or not installed. iloveim also beats the firewall of your network and allows you to chat freely. So you can simply log in to your internet explorer browser and start communicating with your friends.

So Logon to



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