Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pingo May promotion: 50% extra talk time + 50% off on Wednesday

Pingo is back with a new promotion, They are offering 50% extra talktime and 50% off on the calls made on Wednesday for the next two months. Effectively you will get around 66% reduced rate on Wednesday

Click on the image to register
With this offer you get
$5 bonus on $10 sign up
$10 bonus on $20 sign up
50% off calls on Wed for the next two months.

50% off calls on Wednesday start 00:00 & ends 23:59 across all U.S.A. time zones. If you are not calling from U.S.A., please calculate the time difference accordingly to match Wednesday time to get 50% off calls. Offer Valid for new customers only.

You can also earn $5 when you refer a friend to pingo.

You can check the rate for your country and if you find pingo as the cheapest provider, you can buy credit to make the call. Please leave your comment if you find this offer as a cheapest solution to call your country.

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  1. thanks for providing the information about fantastic offer


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