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Pidipompi POMPI-DIAL review: Avoid 0.9 cent call to India mobile

Thanks to our readers for a very good response for our 1 Cent/min article (comparison of various 1 cent/min offers), We have always tried to save your money from the duping offers claimed by various VoIP companies . Today we will review such company PIDIPOMBI which is claiming to offer 0.9 cents call to India-mobile from USA and canada under POMPI-DIAL scheme. I would just say STAY AWAY from this offer.

Lets see what pompidial is claiming
USA No 1 Telecom player gets you an incredible offer - POMPI-DIAL. Sign up now & you can call India at just 0.9 ¢/min with local access number. There is no Hidden Fees, no Taxes, no Gimmick and no Rental Fee. We provide minute to minute rounding with validaty of 180 days from first day of use. This is applicable on any call terminating on mobile phone in India. i.e. you just make call to India at 0.9 ¢/min using local access numbers and 1¢/min extra using toll free numbers. We are the biggest company in USA with more then 4000 local access numbers. So hurry...Sign up NOW !

Pidipompi is powered by Amvrin Systems (P) Ltd which seems to be FOOLING us. We have gone through their site to review their offer(s).

They have one POMPI DIAL INDIA-MOBILE offer, which will give you 0.9 cents/min call using Local Access and 1.9 cents/min for TOLL free Access worth 5 USD purchase.

This seems to be a kind of joke to me. The min price of product is 5.00$ and a service charge of 2.99$ which is around 60% but as per there website if you purchase more than 5$ service charge of 2.99$ will be waived. I tried very hard to get more than one card in my shopping cart but no use, actually you can not purchase more than 5$ at a time. So each time your purchase a card you have to pay 7.99$ for 5$.

Another problem is the auto recharge, when your balance dropped below 2 USD, they will recharge your account, it means this 2 USD is non refundable. If you fall below this amount
your credit card will be charged again.

They are also offering some special rates for other destinations which you can check here

The only thing which is good is they have a SSL certificate, which you can check on the payment page. In final words we never recommend these type of Websites who plays double game.. But if any of our reader has tried it... Please share your views here..


  1. Losers like this should, and will, go under. Even if a company screws a person only once, that will snowball, as it is doing here. Cheating companies never last. Guess who loses? The company. The customer may lose $7.99 but the company will lose EVERYTHING! Thank you for opening our eyes. I will stick with the one company that seems to have integrity - NYMGO.

  2. I wish I read you before burning my hands. BEWARE--BEWARE--BEWARE

    Never ever buy calling card from pidipompi.com. They are big fat liars. They charge service charges even though they advertise "NO SERVICE CHARGE"

    When I cancelled the order they penalised me with 5% on total(including service charge). What a dirty way to make money!! I learnt a big lesson from this deal at the cost of 40 cents.

    But its a valuable advice to new customers at NO COST that STAY AWAY

  3. Today I tried to purchase $5.0 plan .. but its prompted an error message as soon i entered my card details and press "submit", it threw an error that "memory is corrupt" or similar .. when i called customer care, they told nothing .. without providing my own information, they told me my name and phone number (thats we call data privacy .. )..They also told me that nothing was purchased by me on pidipompi.. and i hanged up..

    now i visited my bank site and found out if there is any transaction .. well i found a transaction of $0.10 with the name "IK Communication NJ" .. i didn't use my card this whole day and don't know what the hell is that ..

  4. Thanks for the review. My wife found about this unbelievable deal and thank god you wrote the review about it! I need not fall for this scam.

    Thanks for your good work and keep it up.

  5. I also had the same kind of bad experience with PIDIPOMPI. Also the executives in Pidipompi like Dinesh, Harish, Karen Sharma, Alex, Sameer and the Manager Paul are not experienced guys. They dont know whats going on their system. I got 1100 minutes when I brought the service and I used 1020minutes. I told them and they didn't agree with me. Then they found that the issue is in their system and they added my minutes in gap is 80min. But the Manager Paul spoke to me very rudely and now he is feeling guilty. Also the Quality is very poor.

  6. Thanks to everyone for their reviews. This is very helpful. I'm not going to bother checking out pidipompi. You saved me!!

  7. Thanks to the posting ..Was just about to buy this one!

  8. Thnaks guys to Save me from this froud company.... at lease you save my 5$... can we sue this company if they are cheating us?..

  9. Please read between the lines...Pidipompi is a good service with a good offering. I mean, all service providers charge you additional amount, so what if pidipompi charges you $2.99 for a recharge of $5? So does airtel and others...also, the better part in pidipompi, is that they return you the additional minutes that they deduct from your minutes. I had to call them onlt thrice to tell them to return my LOST 50 minutes. My call records showed me that I had used 300 minutes (550 - 300 = 250 would be the balance)...but the balance minutes were around 200...they did a good job in returning the minutes to my account...and yes, let me know if you find ANY other service provider that gives you pinless dialling and 1.45 cents/min (USD 8.00 / 550 = 1.45)...and the call does get connected everytime you dial...unlike some other services where the line is always busy

  10. I bought and I am very happy with service.Thank God for this best company.

  11. Same holds true for Raza.com also. They are also big cheaters. They claim that you will be charged 1C / min. However, they will keep charging you 3C / min and keep auto refilling your account when your balance goes below 2$.
    Actually, they dont have services in many US cities and that's why, the 1C/min offer is not valid but their website doesnt mention it anywhere.

    So, be aware and dont ever use Raza.com. They are big Liars, cheaters and offer pathetic customer support services. Its my advice to you all and rest is your call.

  12. This looks like a paid blog to me. Why all of you are Anonymous? I am uising Pidipompi.com and they are delevring 550 mins for $7.99 with excellent voice quality. I alredy recharged 3 times ,I also know many of my friends using this service with no complaint. I beleive this blog is paid by some expensive phone card company and trying to stop customers go to good and affordable companies like pidipompi.com.

    1. agree with you. 2 years no problem, someone messing with you..

  13. I have used pidipompi once now and i regret using the service. When i saw the add i got attracted like everyone else (1c/min) but they dont disclose about the service charge ($2.99/min) until the time you are about to buy, so its not really what they are advertising.

    So i bought just to try out. Ahh what the hell let me give them a chance to prove their service. I started using it and found out the quality isnt that great.

    On Some sunny days, i can talk with great quality and on most of the days i cannot. I have to disconnect and reconnect most of the times which annoyed me to hell. So i call the customer support to complain about the quality and they have a reason of network issue and that they will reimburse me with some minutes for inconvenience. BUT what can i do with extra minutes that means extra moments of incovenience to me.

    So i thought i will just finish the service and move on to my last one which i felt did a pretty good job. But no, pidipompi had another curve ball in their sleeve. I was talking and suddenly the call dropped and when i reconnected the call says i have $7.99 worth of minutes more. I was fuming at them...THEY JUST RECHARGED MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!! i never remember me approving them to have automatic recharge.

    So i call the customer service again and the guys Vivek , Naresh and so on were not so happy of us telling them to revert as we do not intend to continue with the poor service. They argued that it has been charged now, can you disconnect the next time..HELL NO !! NO MORE PAIN...

    Then as i am about to finish up my service (some 49 min were left in my account) my call gets disconnected and i am thinking why - did they cut down on my existing as i was leaving them.

    So i called the customer service again and asked them why the hell they dont show call records on their website so that customer are not left wondering where did their minutes go. Pidipompi have no transparencey in showing customer their call records. So the service guy is fighting me and telling me that i have transparency. The transparency he explains is that everytime when i call the phone tells me how much is left in my account...HAHA..i need to see where i used my minutes BUGGERS!!
    So after a long argument about transparency and quality of service, the customer service guy agrees to email me my call records. Thats a inconvenience to go through like that. WHY THE HELL THEY DONT POST CUSTOMER CALL RECORDS LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE!! I think you want to hide something..maybe pidipompi is rounding more minutes as i cannot see what they are charging me for my calls.

    I have used all my minutes and i am relived now that my HARROWING--AGONIZING time with pidipompi has come to end.


    And someone above rightly said that the customer might lose $7.99 but PIDIPOMPI is losing customers. (I am still waiting on that refund from PIDIPOMPI when they autorecharged..hope it comes)

    ALSO i wonder these anonymous people who are writing good things on top may well be Pidipompi people trying to salvage some pride.


  14. call pidipompi and ask them to cancel the auto recharge on your account.
    they charge your credit card each time the balance goes below 2$

  15. I had a very Bad experience.
    They are big cheaters. They add up 2-3 minutes for each call you make and you end up loosing minutes. They are FRAUD idiots.
    They even put you into auto recharge and with out your notice, they recharge once your account falls under some balance.
    I burnt my fingers and no one else should.
    I should have read these reviews before I purchased one. Nevertheless, I am not going to buy any more from them.

  16. As I mentioned in a previous message...pidipompi is a FRAUD. My experience shows that I have lost 85 minutes out of 550 ... JUST LIKE THATTT! And they always keep on mentioning that their "technical" team is working on the issue. They have tried my patience for 30 hours, and still their not so "Technical" team has not been able to do simple math to determine the lost minutes and credit them back to my account. People who feel it GOOD, please do the following:
    1. Request the call history after a few days of recharge.
    2. Add up the minutes (in excel it is simple)
    3. Subtract used minutes (say 300) from 550. So, balance shall be 250.
    4. try calling India and listen to the balance minutes in the automated message..You will be luck if you hear 4 hr.s 10 min.s (250). If not, you know it for yourself that pidipompi.com is FRAUD.
    Is there any consumer complaints court in USA..I need to launch a complaint..

  17. Thanks all for the updates.. just goodled to see if it has good reviews.. thats it..story ends with your comments.

  18. Pidipompi is one of the biggest cheater. I am launching a consumer report.

  19. Never, never, never, never buy this card. Their service sucks, their card sucks and their advertisement sucks. An absolutely waste of money.

  20. thanks for the reviews...

  21. I feel very lucky, I googled for reviews before going directly to pidipompi website to purchase. Thanks so much everyone for your detailed reviews. I will also pass this fraud company's info on to some of my friends who were talking about giving pidipompi a shot.

    But does anyone know of any other service provider that is both cheap and still good. I have been using reliance for almost 3 years- excellent service but probably most expensive service provider on planet.

  22. pidipompi is very good service..i am using since 4 mt. no problem yet

  23. I have the same experience. I have bought 4 time 5$ card which should entitle me for 2200 cell phone minutes or 1820 land line minutes.

    I got myu call history and did some basic math.
    it turns out my landline min used are 320. cell phone minutes used are 880 and cellphone mins lefts are 550 min. If I total all that up, it comes to around 17.5$ instead of 20$. I called them and showed them math today. And they said, my account they will add those lost 2.50$. Let see.

    looks like someone in system is syphony minutes / money at 12.5% or 1/8 of what you got.

    If anyone is interested to talk to me, please let me know. I don't want to share my google mail id hence posting it anonymous.

  24. Hi friends,
    Trust me, I tried pidipompi and it works great. Yes, I agree you need to pay 7.99 dollars for 550 minutes which is still the cheapest.
    Customer service is awful. Just consider this as Indian BSNL where prices are cheapest, customer service is worst and quality is good. Use it as long as you can. The moment you see any problem, get away from it. Do not try to get this corrected. Thinking it as BSNL helps me. hehhehehehhe I am using pidipompi currently

  25. Good that so many people are getting benefited from your website thanks.. a lot.. PIDIPOMPI my A$$.. pidipompi is bullcrap..and nothing else.. I am sticking to reliance...

  26. Hi,

    Thanks for the awesome reviews. I just registered with pidipompi, but haven't purchased anything yet. I am glad that i came across this site. I can't believe that pidipompi is a scam.

  27. Its worst experience I have ever.... every single time the toll free nos will change and you will be unable to connect your country. Instead talking to your family members you will spend hours with customer service people. So never ever try this pidipompi site.

  28. i ve been using pidipompi for the past several months and am happy with their product and service. It is the cheapest call to india i ve found so far and it is cheaper than air tel or reliance or other services. Airtel is a cheat as they offer these teaser rates for a couple of months and then when you have saved all your india numbers and gotten used to calling them, then they withdraw their special scheme and increase the service charges. Later on when they see that people have left them, then they call back and offer those teaser rates again. So i am staying with pidipompi and away from airtel. I ve heard there is a calling card called Hum tum, which is cheaper, but i ve not tried that yet.
    Sudarshan, Houston, TX, USA

  29. Pidipompi SUCKS!! pLEASE nEVER TRY .. 100% you will Regret!!!!

  30. I am using Pidipompi from the last 1 year with no issues.....now these phone cards are scared of companies like pidipompi, airtel and reliance....to inki pha** hui hai.

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  32. Pidipompi is one of the worst possible collection of robbers. Every guy you call will lie to you. They just made a 1000 minutes disappear from my account. No response and no regrets from the idiots.
    It happened two times for me and they just blame each other (Niraj is one of them) and escape answering the questions. They might have a technica problem but what pisses me off is their arrogance and lack of responsibility towards customer service. A group of lazy Indian guys who just want to earn money without doing anything and taking it off others pockets.


  33. I m using there unlimited Plan to India which is advertised as $9.99 pm but hidden service charges is 7.99 ... so you need to pay $18 pm for unlimited call to India either landline or mobile .... So I m fine with there hidden charges . for unlimited plan....

  34. Hey guys.. how about their unlimited plan? it's just $18/month. That's the cheapest it can get. plus it is valid for 65 countries. Does anyone have a good experience with that? As it is unlimited, there is no possibility of minutes getting robbed or anything like that. So, if you are paying a steady $18/mo for unlimited international calling, it sounds great to me, unless they charge something extra. I spoke to their customer care and they say there will be no additional charges. Let me know your views guys.

  35. Okay this service REALLY REALLY SUCKS!!!
    1) They need a customer service 101.The person answering my call had no clue what she was talking about and 3 representatives hung up on me as they could not answer my questions.
    2)We tried the monthly plan and it is 9.99 + taxes around $18 for first month.
    From month 2 we were charged $27.99 without informing us.The customer representative gave a lousy explanation that due to technical glitch we did not get the email about auto recharging and increase in price.
    3)You cannot change your credit card information by logging to your account profile.When I asked the customer representative said Sir we will not do any fraud here!!and sir can you tell me your credit card number for verification?This is the level of their customer service!!!
    GUYS STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE - GET VONAGE!!!Noone needs to go through this horrible process after paying.They make me miss the good old calling card days.

  36. I agree with other users. They do false advertisement and while making purchase you are not clear that it comes with mandatory auto recharge and service fees and expiration!! I wouldn't buy it in future.

    I use localphone and its convenient to me, 1.5c/m. Though in last 3 years 2 times I could not make a call using this service and that's when I'd to go for pidipompi.com.

  37. Horrible staff.. No one is aware of exact plan.

    I happened to get charged double than my usage and was compensated only 5 mins in return.

    When i complained they told me not to use card untill i get call back from them and to my surprise i never heard back from these guys.

    I called them to know whats going on and the staff was so damn defensive saying he was done for the day.



    I would never buy this card ever

  38. REPRESENTATIVE are nuts..

    No idea on what they say..

    They just kept me on hold every time i start saying something. So insulting man

    NARENDRA, DHARMENDRA are some amongst the bad rep.

    MOTHER INDIA card rocks. There is no competition for MI calling card company here

    PIDIPOMPI guys need to be Thrown Out from this Market SOOOOOOOOON

  39. Thanks for opening my eyes, i was just going to jump into the well, you saved me guys.. thanks a tonn... I'm using IndiaLD right now, but they have discontinued there unlimited service. So i'm looking for a good unlimited calling plan?

  40. VERY VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I recharged the account and never got the credit. I called them like 5-6 times but couldn't understand what they said....bad english.



  42. do not purchase any plan from PIDIPOMPI.. they ll charge your credit card by there own and ll say, its mentioned on website..
    its my advise plz DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD NO to pidipompi

  43. Pidipompi sucks. When you needed the service the system are down. They did auto recharge back to back to me. When I signed up they don't tell all the stuff that customer should know. What a way of making business. I will report you to BBB if you guys ever charge the credit card without authorization.

  44. NEVER use PIDIPOMPI.............
    Customer care is so rude.......
    They will charge you...hidden charges.....

  45. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE... This fraud company. They will shows something while your are signup.. but when you will go for cancelation, they will charge you a cancelation fees!!!

  46. Thank you guys for the reviews. I am not gonna buy the card from pidipompi after all.

  47. frauds................................this company sucksssssssss

  48. Most interesting reviews, going from one extreme to the other. One only gets confused after reading all reviews. I had time to read all of them. The crux seems to be that their customer service is from bad to worse but apart form losing minutes and service fee (hidden or otherwise), their rates are still the cheapest. Currently, I'm using NuEratel which gives me 4cents/min for Pakistan. Previously, I used Comwave which gave me 5.6c/min. Voice quality and customer service are good for both companies but rates are on the higher side. Therefore, if I want to save money, I may go for pidipompi(hard to pronounce) or whatever and put up with low quality customer svc. I think, it is one's own call.
    In nutshell, since I am from Pakistan, I shall support anybody doing business from my brotherly neighboring country, India, to encourage entrepreneurship.
    Zafar Nabi Butt, Calgary Canada

  49. Hi this is Sudagar Singh, I am pidipompi's customer from long long time, They are best in their business. I am 100% satisfied with their unlimited plan. For that they are charging $27 around and giving around 2 to 3 hours calling daily. I am pretty happy to get their service.
    Some time i got problem with the service and they solved my problem smoothly. Specially few guys in night time Veeneet, Aseesh all are best in their job. Few weeks back i was getting problem from my side, and i was feeling that its their problem but when i talked with Haris, he made me understand beautifully. Superb service with good customer service.

    Good Job pidipompi :-)

  50. this aremoneysuckers! but then what are we doing just by sitting here. we should file a complain against such money sucking people and make thier fraud stop!

  51. I purchased the Pidipompi card to call the Philippines. The calls would drop every 5 minutes and when I would call back the system would always short my amount of minutes remaining by 10 to 15 minutes. They offer a good rate, but they don't really give you all the minutes you pay for. They also kept charging my credit card, without my consent. I had to call my bank and close the card to stop all the unauthorized charges from pidipompi. DONT GIVE THESE THIEVES YOUR CREDIT CARD!

  52. Pidipompi is a scam to get your credit card number. They offer a great rate for your initial card purchase. The problem is they keep putting unauthorized charges on your credit card randomly. They give you call minutes for all the unauthorized charges, but the rate after the initial is the worst rate available for calling. I had to close my card to stop all the fradulant unauthorized charges from Pidipompi.

  53. PIDIPOMPI has HIDDEN CANCELLATION CHARGES !!!!! I took the 2500 min plan with the auto recharge for $20(total 22.xx) and asked them to cancel the account within 30 days. They reduced the min to 1800 as the auto recharge feature was never used. The customer rep said that if the account gets cancelled, then there is a 20% charge based on their terms and conditions.

    13. Others
    (a) 20% fee is charged for cancellation of any transaction but before issue of pins, In case of issued pins transaction will not get cancelled.

    I tried to convince that this condition would not be applicable to me as I had received the pin, but he had to disconnect the call as he is not supposed to talk to any customer for longer duration.

  54. Ahmad,
    I am writing with great pleasure that PIDIPOMPI is a great company. Some comments suggest that they are liar. May be they got that kind of bad experience. I am using the service for more than 8 months and have had no single problem dealing with them. Thanks for them that they offered me 1 cent per minute at the time I was paying 9 cents per minute. I would like to suggest this company to all of the readers.

  55. this co is biggest cheater dont buy there plans, they say unlimited but it has a limit.

  56. Please don't ever buy any plan from Pidipompi... They are the worst ASS H***. I bought the plan and had terrible service. They are detecting money from credit card even after discontinuing there service and nothing happened even after several complaints. Beware of these cheaters... All the comments supporting them should be one of their associative... don't believe and don't lose your money...


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