Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One cent Plans from Airtel, Reliable, Reliance and Raza: Cool offers or making fool

In last few weeks, we find a pelting of one cent, one India offers from various major VoIP roviders. To help our readers we reviewed each one the offers and find how these companies are fooling customers. Airtel Call home, Reliance India Call, Reliable Calling and Raza are well known and trusted VoIP players by Indians but this time they all have come with a plan which look nice closed box, but reality is very much different.

These companies have started a new thing by introducing a Rental/Admin Fee in Prepaid VOIP system. Almost all of them have launched the One cent /min call rate to India. But in actual it varies from 1.30 to 7.79 cents/min.

We have compared Airtel Call Home IndiaOne Max plan, Airtel Call Home IndiaOne Neo Plan, Reliance India Call 7 day Plan, Reliable Monthly Plan and Reliable Fortnight Plan and Raza. Now you can see how much you are going to pay if you subscribe to any of the plans.

We also compared betamax services Actionvoip and Smartvoip in USD and EUR, the problem with these services, that you need to pay in EUR so the rates depends on exchange rate and the biggest problem that they increase the rates in overnight. However you can see the comparison.

Click this image to see higher resolution image.

I hope you can easily get catch about these plans. We can clearly see Reliable is winner with toll free access and Raza is winner with local access but Betamax brands are still cheapest service provider with unlimited validity, good quality but no support and no trust on the calling rate.

Which plan do you think is the best???
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  1. I am surprised you did not mention IndiaLD.com. We have been offering 1.9 cents to India since January, and are now down to 1.3 cents per minute for some of our plans. No fees, no rental charges, just a low per minute rate. If you are wondering why these guys are offering sneaky so called 1 cent rates, it might have something to do with us. ;)

    We just launched calling from 8 other countries in addition to the US and India, and customers can use their minutes to call 27 other countries in addition to India. Add in pinless dialing and easy auto dial numbers and you got a great deal.

    Its too bad that some of the most recognizable names in India long distance have decided its better to pull a fast one on their customers instead of treating them right. From what we are seeing, its not working.

    Take a look at IndiaLD. If you call India a lot, and you call every month, then we have just what you need.

  2. yes you are right betamax have no support but have good voice quality

  3. obviously Action voip or Smart voip is the best...Thanks

  4. It has to be Raza!!

  5. I am using Raza.. The sound quality is good. Just 2 points to notice:
    1.) The call sometimes keeps getting disconnected abruptly
    2.) Its mandatory to signup for AutoRecharge with the 1c/min (actually 1.3c/min with the extra $2.99 charge-i.e. 10+2.99 = $12.99/1000mins). This means that they auto recharge for $10 as soon as ur balance reaches $2. so if u want to stop using the service.. i guess u loose $2.

  6. I think you might have selected autorecharge option at the time of registration which can disable the auto recharge option. Please contact their customer service

  7. Hi Vikas,

    It was mandatory that we should select auto recharge option in order to utilize 1c/min package.If we disable the option then we can not complete the registration,error message will come as Please select auto recharge option to use 1c/min package.Thatz why i had stopped to sign up with them.because if we don't want to recharge again we have to loose $2.That is not worth it.

  8. Hi Aarthi,
    Thanks for the clarification, it will really help others to stay away from Raza.

    Furthermore, I request you to contact their customer support to disable your option of auto recharge and use your remaining credit.

    You can also contact your bank for this purpose if they do not respond.


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