Monday, May 4, 2009

India 1 cent offer from Raza: Mother's day 09 promo

On this mother's day, raza offers one cent call to India from USA toll free and 1.9 cent call from Canada to say "I LOVE YOU MAA

Let’s review this offer, they claim 
  • No rental Value
  • No Expiration Date 
  • NO Taxes
They are offering two plans
  • Mobile Talk (Any Mobile phones in India)
  • City Talk (Major cities Landline special)
Major Cities are Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi.

If you call the above mentioned destinations, then the calling rate is 1 cent per min from USA using local access and 1.9 cents from Canada. Additional 2 cents are applicable using toll free access increasing the call rates to 3 cents from USA and 3.99 cents from Canada. If you call other cities, then you pay 4.7 cents per min.

There is an additional $2.99 service charge is applicable, it means if you prompt to buy 10 USD card, you will be charged 12.99 USD to your credit card and you will get 1000 minutes to call. This additional charge increases the call rate by 30%.

If you think it is cheapest offer then you can go for it.

They also offer Point System referral program, you get 250 points for each referral, a total of 4 referrals which is 1000 points can earn you a $10 card.


  1. Indianminutes is a big fraud.They took my 400 minutes without i speak to india and i have complained about this problem many times in indiaminutes but still no response.I have a proper proof for that and they told me to resolve this problem within 48 hours but i crossed many 48 hours( 45 days).

  2. Raza does not work with VOIP phones


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