Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bueno Social networking: Free incoming USA number and free phone calls

It has been long time since we were looking for the free USA number without verification and giving credit card information. Now BUENO, an advanced social networking site, is offering free USA phone number to receive calls and to make free calls within USA. BUENO is the site to connect with your friends, family, and business associates. Having US phone number is quite useful for many VoIP applications. These phone numbers can be used for phone verification in the courtiers where you have difficulty in verifying your phone.

We are thankful to Driss from morocco for sharing this information to us, this is third time he is sharing such valuable information to freevcalls.


Complete your registration at Bueno and get your incoming number.

After registration you need to install additional plug-in IE dialer for Internet explorer and mozilla-buenoai-plugin for Firefox to enable bueno webdialer.

With this additional phone you can repeat all the free call offers published on our blog which you might have done with your original number

Apart from this phone facility, you get all the features of a social networking site. Beuno is still in beta stage hope to see more interesting features from it.

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