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Lebara mobile review: Free and Low cost calls from mobile phone using Lebara pre-paid SIM card

Today we will discuss about pre-paid Mobile SIM cards customized to the needs of ethnic minority communities, particularly migrant workers to save some money on their local as well as international mobile phone bills who does not want to use calling cards, access numbers, and have no access to Computers and internet.

The name of the provider is Lebara-mobile owned by Lebara Group BV. ENTRADA 111. 1096 EA Amsterdam The Netherlands. With 700,000+ customers, Lebara Mobile operates in 8 countries:


Lebara Mobile launched the first ever low-cost international mobile service in the Netherlands in 2004. By 2008 over 700,000 customers had joined their network because of their low cost calling service and offers. In this blog we will review its Lebara UK service.

Free SIM Card
FREE Lebara Mobile Pay As You Go SIM Card for low-cost UK and international calls with an online top-up with No hidden charges or access codes and Free Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery

FREE Calls & SMS 
Calls and SMSs between Labara Mobile customers in the UK are completely FREE, with no connection charge. All calls within the UK from Lebara to Lebara are FREE for the first 15 minutes, and charged at 10p per minute thereafter
All SMSs within the UK from Lebara to Lebara are FREE

£5 FREE call credit to transfer your mobile number.
You will receive £5 FREE call credit if you transfer your existing mobile number to Lebara Mobile.

For this you need to call your current provider and request a PAC code, see ‘Keep Your Number’ for more details. Once you have received your PAC code, call Lebara Mobile on 0870 075 5588 (or 5588 from your Lebara Mobile), state that you want to keep your existing number and give your PAC code.

Cheap International Calls from mobile
Australia: 4p-15p
Europe: 4p-13p+
Ghana: 7p-12p
Nigeria: 5p-10p
Pakistan: 9p
Poland: 4p-9p
Romania: 4p 15p
USA: 4p

Refer and Earn
Earn £5 FREE call credit when you recommend a friend who buys Lebara SIM.

You can compare your existing SIM card rates with the labra-mobile rates and check which one suits you.

Thanks to Mr Vijay Kanawade from UK for sharing this to us, he tells that Lebara mobile is very very very good as their call quality is very nice and they always have some offers and calls between us are free.

What do you think about it???


  1. 5p per minute, Liverpool, UK to Kuala Lumpur, MAL. it's fantastic

  2. I was happy with it at first but now, I'm highly annoyed as they changed Pakistan calls from 7p/min to 9p/min! And now, free Lebara to Lebara calls and SMS promotion is not valid unless you top-up! Its a total rip-off. They make the service seem good at first to attract people with lots of promotions but soon-after, they finish them all.

  3. Biggest piece of garbage I ever have used. What is the point of being cheep when it never works? Guess that is what you can call false economy.

    Have a Norwegian Lebara account and are unable to receive SMS from ALL the UK networks (T-mobile, O2, Vodafone, 3, Orange, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Mobile). Have contacted customer services (who of course is an imigrant who don't speak the local lingo) numerous times and they blame it on the overseas carrier...yes of couse there is a problem with all the UK carriers.

    The data service does not work as it should either. I more often than not have no data signal at all.

    I have now asked for my number to be transfeered to another they are absolutely useless.


  4. This "review" is quite clearly written by a Lebara agent to sell the product

  5. I will be leaving them for sure after they are now charging for lebara to lebara calls .... 10 p per min too! Its cheaper for me to call abroad. It used to be 1p per call before. bye bye lebara

  6. Can anyone please tell me if I was to use this Lebara service to call home to the UK from the USA while on holiday would it work and if so what would the rates be ??

    thank you Mike UK

  7. Bought sim from their stand at London train station - put it into unlocked phone, tried one text to Italy, one text to UK but it does not work! "Incorrect number". What!

  8. I haven't had a problem with my lebara sim in the uk used with a sony ericsson phone. I use it mainly for international texts as phone calls are not worth it (too expensive), but have used it to text from two other countries (again calls are just stupidly expensive but texts ok) with no problems so far. Have had mine since sept 09

  9. Chijioke OkwonnaMay 15, 2010 at 6:55 AM

    Honestly,I must say this...oooooo
    Lebara is second to none!!!Since I came to this country,it is LEBARA or never.Lebara is my gee.
    Can't do without it.
    Keep it up.Your services are wonderful!!!!!

  10. why cant i make video calls with lebara am using unlocked phone but keeps saying not available but can get it with vodafone

  11. Lebara is a new generation of rip of briton,they have there promotion side of things in the begining to gather there number of customers,i recently topped up £5 and reailsed the SMS only works lebara to lebara ,they also dont shift your extras over to the following month,also there messaging centre will charge you for 6 texts msgs rather then one,so rather paying for 1 text .you are paying for 6! this happend to me on 19/01/11..check it out and be cautious of there slimy money making tactics...ill informd briton or just not botherd briton??

  12. i dont understand why it is cheaper to call USA or pakistan than it is to call my mother who lives 5 minutes drive away from my house in the UK..
    fix up lebara bring uk to uk call prices down cos 10p per min is weak!!

  13. When registering, they need licence or passport nos....but ooh... I don't have either! Can I still register?

  14. And what about us none Labara customers, when we call a friend/Labara number, what will we have to pay???? I think is you switch your number/provider to Labara, you better inform all your contacts;as l called a friend on a number which he's been using for years but was unaware he had moved to Labara and it cost me a fortune....... This add doesn't meantion that!!!

  15. doesnt work in India and was told it would - thanks for nothing and a waste of my time Lebara - will report this company to Consumer Affairs in Australia.


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