Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Phone Power Digital Phone Service : Unlimited USA and Cheap VOIP International Calls

The traditional and hassle free way of using VOIP is through VOIP adapter. No need of using Dialer Softwares or Headphone and Microphone to make the phone calls.

There are many Voip Service providers, who provide their services through phone adapters. But what if you get that phone adapter for free. Yes, Today we will discuss about a similar VOIP Provider, Phonepower offering Digital Phone Service

Phone Power is a year 2005 founded US based company with business in 48 states of USA. Basically they provide cheap VOIP solutions for Residential users,Small Business users and PBX.

For all Packages they have facility of unlimited incoming and outgoing in USA, with fair usage limit of 5000 min Outgoing/month. Apart from there Free US calls they have a very cheap international call tariff , like for INDIA 2.5 cents/min - 3.3 Cents/min

Click here to visit Phonepower website.

Now lets see what are the special features
* You can keep your current phone number for free
* $15 Activation Fee waived for online orders, no cancellation fees
* No contract , Free phone adapter
* 2nd Free cloned line if you order before 28 May
* 3-way conference facility
* Call From Online portal
* You can enable or Disable your International Calling
* Caller ID and Call waiting
* Exciting Referral Program which will give you 10$ Free Credit for referring your friend

And many more... That too at a competitive price. check the table below for comparison of PhonePower with at&t, Comcast, Verizon and TIME WARNER ...

I think for those who are regular USA based user and occasionally make international calls then this will be best suitable for you. Please leave your comments about the service....


  1. magicjack no one can beat unlimited $20 per year...

  2. I'm 100% agree with you magicjack still on the top


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