Friday, October 12, 2007

Free calls from India to US/Canada, UK, Europe and many more

Please read this blog. If you are in India, then start making free calls to friends living abroad, if are not in India then tell your family and friends in India to read it and call you for free.
VoIP voice quality, I mean call quality is excellent,
You can make ...

Free calls to US
Free calls to UK
Free calls to Canada
Free calls to Germany
Free calls to Italy
Free calls to France
Free calls to Japan and many more countries
Free calls between these countries
(For EU countires, only landline )

Its very simple, you need not to even spend money. You just have to have an Internet connection (56 Kbps and above), one PC or Laptop and a headphone. Then you can talk with your near and dear ones in abroad without spending a single penny from your pocket.

Do you know that the call from India to US, UK and Canada costs 6 Rs per min and to Europe it costs Rs 9.00 Per min. Just think if you can make Thousand Minutes of free calls from this, you may save almost 9000 Rs and buy a new PDA.

Betamx voipwise and 12voip give sixty minutes free calling option to its registered users. You can choose either one or both. Both work in same way.

Its very simple, you need to follow the following procedure.

1. Download the Softphone from (
2. Install the sofphone
3. Register your self
4. Connect you headphone with your PC
5. Dial the number using the softphone and start making free calls.

Now you can call for sixty minutes for free from each, once the sixty minutes are over, follow this procedure
1. Go to file and select Logon as a new user
2. Register your self again with new login ID
3. Dial the number using the softphone and start making free calls.

Again 60 Mins from each softphone, you can repeat the procedure every time your when your 60 minutes are finished.

Enjoy free calling. Keep visiting this blog for more chap and free calling option and forward this blog to your all friends.

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  1. Hi
    I use net in the university. I have tried Jajah and it worked but these days it is not working.I have downloaded voipwise and 12 voip and tried to get registered but failed.Only the messege wait registering at the server appears. Is it the problem of my institute. If so How can i use this facility.

  2. whats the best way way to call UK mobiles from PC? can we call for free?

  3. The best way to call UK mobile from India is to use your mobile (Airtel, vodafon, idea, bsnl etc), it may cost you around 6-10 Rs per minute.

    If you have to call basic phone in UK, then you can prefer any voip offering PC to phone calls.

  4. 12voip says i can call UK mobiles for 4 rupees per minute. Is it safe?

    As I pay 9 rupeees per minute from airtel right now

  5. Nikhil, leave me your email id to freevcalls(at), I will tell you about some more providers offering cheaper rates than 12voip

  6. Anyone needing an excellent quality service provider, can e-mail me on my gmail account (subbu(dot)kris(at)gmail(dot)com. Will send back a link/SMS. Service is not a free service but gives 30 mins signup package free!!!

  7. hey i want to make calls to australia. can u plz tell me if i can get any free calls or so from INDIA.


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