Monday, December 3, 2007

FlashPhone offers five minutes per day free calls to India

FlashPhone, a Russian VOIP, quotes as , Flashphone is a free-of-charge web-service which allows you to call from the internet page. You don't need to install anything*. All that is necessary for calls - headset and sufficient bandwidth of your internet connection. Never before the IP-telephony was such simple and accessible. Do not trust - check it out!

In their Beta version they are offering free calls to many countries including India. But you can make only one call limited maximum of five minutes free calls per day, After that you will receive a message “You've reached maximum number of allowed calls for today”

How to make free calls?
1) Register at Flash Phone website (
2) Login into Flash Phone
3) Connect headset with your PC
4) Dial the number without 00, for example for India Delhi, dial 911129876543
You need Adobe Flash player, if you do not have latest player then please download.
The call will be connect with good voice quality. Now enjoy five minutes free calls.

If you are regular reader of this blog, you can convert these five minutes free calls to 25


  1. Hi Vikas,
    Can you please tell me on how to convert these 5 minutes into 25 minutes.


  2. Hello

    I tried to register so many times, but couldnt succeed.

    The last option to Select the pictures of Cats are not working. I dont know this problem happens with my computer or with their server.

    Below is the help message shown in the site :

    The page you were just looking at contains a box showing twelve small images of dogs and cats, and you are being asked to identify all of the images that show cats. The images are quite small, but if you hover your mouse over an image, the page will pop up a larger version of the same image, which will be easier to see.

    To proceed, click on each small image that shows a cat; this will select the image and highlight it with a green border. If you accidentally click on an image that shows a dog, you can click again to deselect the image.

    Once all cat images (and no dog images) are highlighted, you can ask the web site to validate your answers and let you continue. Although different sites may have you continue in different ways, you will usually find a button under the black challenge box, with the label "Submit". Click this button to proceed

    But this is not working and always getting the message to select all the pictures of cats.

    Please help to solve this problem and to get registered.



  3. Answer to Aashish

    Dear Ashish, this message was written to provoke users to try the hack, one has to try and write a comment.

    I tried by changing the proxy, but it will not work always.

    whenever I have the flashphone hack, I will publish it

    Answer to Madhu

    Dear Madhu,

    Thanks for the comment, the registration is not difficult, its easy, first time I was also not successful.

    Here is the solution

    I think you are selecting only one image at a time,
    You have to select all the images of the cats. some time it could be only one or sometime it could be 12, so check each image and select the image whenever you see the cat.

    See each image, if there is cat(s), then select, if it is a dog(s) do not select.

    I hope it would solve your problem,

    This method is applied to protect the spam registration.

    if still you have the problem, feel free to write. I will help you.

    If the problem is solved, please foreword this blog to all your friends. Thank you


  4. Hi Madhu,
    If you want i can register on your behalf and then will send you your user information after which you can change your password. If you are interested do send me your email-id.


  5. Thanks Vikas, Even i tried everything by clearing the local history as well flash history but it seems that flashphone is maintaing the information at there server. I tried changing proxy but could not find any anonymous proxy which can override my ip. As most of the anonymous proxy were down. With transparent proxy still you hit the flashphone server with your IP so that doesn't help. Can you provide me any good Anonymous Proxy address.



  6. Dear Ashish,

    I take the proxies from

    and I try randomly, but its too slow and time consuming..

    I am very happy that you are also looking for some hacks. Sometimes if you find any, you can write a blog and we can publish here, even if you do not find, you can write your views.

    thank you

  7. Dear Vikas / Ashish

    Thanks for the support.

    The following are the problems Iam facing:

    The image is not becoming large even if the mouse is kept on it.

    Secondly, the selected images are not highlighted by green border to ensure that its already selected.

    Always, iam choosing the all the images of cats with great difficulty and clicking on register button, but returns with message - SELECT PHOTOS WITH CATS ONLY.

    I will try again and in case of any difficulty, will let you know Or as Ashish said, i can give the email to register on my behalf.

    Thanks for all the support


  8. Dear Ashish

    Please register me with user name madhu0102 & email id

    After registration please send the user information to the same email.

    Thanks for the support

  9. Hi Madhu,
    I have created your account and i have send you the mail.


  10. Dear Ashish

    Thank you very much


  11. No More Free Calls. Please read the message below from FlashPhone Administrator

    "Dear users, flashphone isn’t a VoIP operator, flashphone is a web-based SIP softphone, free calls were needed for testing purposes. Everybody can use flashphone to call other flashphone’s users, to make and receive free SIP calls, to use your SIP provider for making calls to PSTN and receive calls. We are going to release CallMe widget soon which will allow you to put it on your site and receive your site user’s calls. You’ll be able to choose – receive calls in flashphone or using standard phone, mobile phone, PBX, call center via SIP.



  12. Hi Vikas,
    I was using the FlashPhone that has 5 min calling feature for almost more than week.. is it still working as today it pops message like " communication Error"
    Hope to hear u soon !


  13. Dear Ashish,
    Thank you for the comments,

    For ashok
    Now flashphone has stopped free calls


  14. Great speeds, easy to set up and delivers what it advertise. Great vpn service!


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