Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dialnow offering cheapest call to India, one cents per minutes (60 paise per minute)

DialNow, is one of the Betamax services with a concept similar to mobivox or rebtel. Or in another words it is similar to buying a calling card. It will not provide you any softphone like justvoip, voipcheap etc, it will provide you a access number and a PIN which will recognize your phone by the caller ID information and will allow you to make a call if you have sufficient credit in your account. If you are not dialing from your registered phone, you will have to dial the PIN.

To promote this service, it has reduced its calling rates to India at the rate of 1 cents per minute or 60 paise per minute, if you have unlimited calling plan from your landline or from your cell phone, you can almost say, oh its “free call to India”.

Because of the restriction to the access numbers, you can not use this service from all the countires, for example Italy is not included in the list. The countries from which you can use this service are Argentina, Austrlia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom (UK).

If you do not belong to any of these countries, do not worry, within one or two days I will publish a method or dialnow hack to use this service from anywhere in the world. Keep visiting this blog.

If you are regular visitor of this blog and have read and tried my last blogs, you can easily find out the way to use this service. It is always better to be independent, so lets try by your self.

How to make 1 cent call?

1) Register at DialNow website (
(Register your real number by which you are going to make a call)
2) Add credit to your account (What is Moneybookers and Paypal?)
(You need to verify your registered number)
3) Now dial Access number and make calls.
Its very simple, Enjoy this cheapest call or cheap call or almost free call in this upcoming new year 2008.

I would be very happy if someone shares their experience to this blog by writing a comment or a blog. Please write the comments, I would be happy to reply if you have some problems.


  1. Hi Vinay,
    I have checke dthe rates on website it shows a call to India from Canada is 1.8 cents and secondly have you tested this service. I was bit concerned about the voice quality?


  2. HI Vinay,
    I am trying to register on the site but everytime it gives me an error "Sorry, due to an unknown error your registration request was denied.;1522". Any idea?



  3. Dear Ashish

    Thanks for the comment, well, I hope you are referring to vikas, my name is vikas. About the call rate to India, it is 1 EUR cent per minute, (excluding VAT) that is applicable in only European union.

    If you live in Canada, then you do not pay the VAT and the call rate in Canadian Dollar is 1.5 Cents.

    I tested the call quality today, its good, since it is a betamax company like nonoh, justvoip etc.

    About the registration, Sometimes there are some problems if you have used this service in the past, if you know about registries, you can clean them otherwise try to use another PC to register or another OS, if not then send your relevant information, I will generate ID for you.

    feel free to write to me if you have any problem, do not forget to forward this blog to all your friends.


  4. Thanks Vikas, I will try to create the account.
    Sorry for that name confusion :)


  5. hi vikas,
    Im living in US and i ve to call to india mobile.But US isnt included in the list of the countries.Is there any other way to register my US phone no with the DIALNOW.Eagerly waiting for ur reply


  6. Hi Anony..

    Thanks for your comment,

    First thing I would like to tell you that I live in Italy and registered italian number with country as canada and I could call.

    You can also register US number but select your country as canada (It will save VAT and also you will not have language problem)

    I hope that canadian access number will recognise your phone caller ID, if it does not recognise then do not worry, Dialnow provides a PIN, you can dial the number through PIN.

    if you use canada as your country then you can not use your credit card for the payment, then you have to use moneybookers or paypal for buying the credit.

    Feel free to write if you have any problem


  7. Hi,
    This is very good option for young generation particularly for those are connected with networking with computer.....

  8. Dear Vikash,

    I am in Qatar and I wants to call india at minimun rates.

    Please help me to find best suitable service.
    Here I heard that someone provide call service to by connecting Two numbers (Qatar and India's number) at low rates.
    Please tell me, How is it possible..?



  9. Dear Badresh,

    Thanks for the comment and asking me (freevcalls) for the cheapest call from QATAR to India or Gulf countries to India.

    So far I did not pay attension to this area. Since many of our friends are living there, I will check something cheap calling option to India, but I need help of people like you because I do not live there and testing VoIP for gulf is difficult.

    For now, could you please let me know that HOW MUCH YOU PAY PER MIN TO MAKE CALL TO INDIA? YOu can mention separately mobile and landline rates.

    Depending upon the rates you pay, I will find out the cheapest option for you, but you should help me in some trials and I hope that you would do it.

    Thank you very much in advance.


  10. I have sent e-mail to betamax services for understanding their payment procedure and I have received very rude, arrogant and abusive reponses.

    Would you please write me if you have written to betamax or know them?

    what has been your experience with them?

    and is there other voip service for free calls from russia to us, germany and India?

    Thank you beforehand

  11. It seems they have increase there rate to India from 1.5 cents to 2.2canadian cents


  12. Dear Anonymous
    I also received your message via jaxtr. Could you please publish that mail on this blog so that people could know.

    Generaly, they do not respond to the mails, I am surprised to know that they have responded your mail.

    Betamax is still one of the cheapest call provider.

    If you want free calls from to Germany and free calls to US from Russia, please read this blog

    Unfortunately India is not included in free country list, but you can find some interesting blogs by which you can make free calls to India

    Just now flashphone was offering free calls and yesterday it stopped.

    For another anonymous,
    Its Betamax policy, they start with lower rate and start increasing, It will be increased till 3.5 or 4.0 EUR cents, so use this service before it is increased.


  13. Hi Vikas,

    Currently am using Nonoh to call India from Japan. And it cost me 3 euro cents per minute.

    Read your above article. Dialnow is offering calls @ 1.5 euro cents + call charges to the local access number.

    Was just wondering, if i could use Nonoh to call the local access number (since Japan landlines are under free destinations) for free and then call India. This way the total cost of the call would be only 1.5 cents. Will this work? Can someone please verify if this jack works?

    I hope it does ;)


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.


  15. Dear Rohit,

    Thanks for the comment,

    you are right , The method you have mentioned will 100% work.

    Now there are two ways.

    1. PIN Less dialing
    You can directly make a call from the registered phone or you can use any free VOIP service like nonoh, just voip etc. if nonoh sends the caller ID information correctly to the access number, then you can directly make a call without dialing the pin. (for caller ID please read

    If no caller ID is identified, then

    2. Dial with PIN

    If nonoh does not send the caller ID information or if you call the access number from the phone which is not registered with DialNOw, then it will say,

    “You are not calling from the telephone number you registered on the web site, to make use of this service, you will now have to enter your nine digit PIN code, to proceed with entering your PIN code press 3, if you do not have your PIN code in hand please press 4”

    For making the call, please press 3 and Please enter your nine digit PIN code after the Bip.

    Once you PIN is accepted you can make call from any phone in the world.

    Using the first option, you can make call only with the registered phone, and if you are using nonoh, then caller ID information should be correct.

    Using second option, you can call that access number from anywhere in the world and make the call after dialing the pin

    Apart from this you can always use phone to phone to connect the call, in this case if you are calling from japan to India you will pay 1 EUR cent for Japan and 1.5 UER cents for India, Total the call would cost 2.5 EUR cents per min, along with 5 EUR cents connection fee.

    Hope I have answered your queries properly. I was thinking to write a blog about this but I am really busy.


  16. Hi Vikas,
    I just tried using dial now, it asks me to enter the number I wist to call but it doesn't connect after I enter the number and the message comes again. Do I have to press some number before I dial the India number??


  17. Hi, I registered using US no and canada as destination. But i am not able to buy credit. it is showing only options uk cash, western union or money transfer. I prefer to pay through credit card of Money bookers. Please help.

  18. Hi Vikas,

    Thanks for the detailed reply. It really helped to clarify all my queries.

    And I did try using Nonoh and Dialnow together, and it worked wonders. I can make calls to India @ 1.5 euro cents i.e < Re 1 per minute.

    But now i am facing another peculiar situation. And i hope you rescue me out of it.

    After my success with the Nonoh and Dialnow jack, my flatmate too got excited and he too registered himself on Dialnow with the common landline number at our flat.

    Now the problem is that, whenever i call the access number using Nonoh, it automatically uses my flatmates Dialnow account for calling to India. And as a result his credits are getting used. (Good for me though ;))

    How can i now, revert back the landline number to use my Dialnow account? (and at the same time convince my flatmate to not use this service?)... Or the access number should ask for the PIN everytime we call. This will ensure that we both can use the service using our respective PIN's.

    Hope you could help me in this, as currently my credits in the dialnow account is lying idle?

    Thanx in advance ;)

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.


  20. Dear Devi,
    Could you please write me in details, like from which country you are calling, which access number you are using, and then in which format you are dialing to India, I mean if you dial from US you dial 01191XXXXXXXXXX, but DialNow accepts in the format 0091XXXXXXXXXX.

    I would help you, please provide me the complete details.


  21. Dear Dibu,

    I do not know why you do not have moneybookers or paypal option for buying the credits, It is always available. If you trust me, Could you please share your account details with me, so that I can help you. Once you agree, please provide me your e-mail and then I will contact you.



  22. Dear Rohit,

    Unfortunately you can not change the registered number,

    For now, I suggest you to use only your friends account to call to India for PIN less dialing, then at the end of the month, pay to him the cost of call, I think it’s the easiest way if you use the same number. Its mutual understanding between the friends

    If you want to use your account, then I think you can use the option of dial with PIN,

    1. You can use another pohne (like office phone to connect you call)
    2. or try this, I do not know if it will work from Japan. Try to add another digit at the end of your telephone number. (read this The the dialnow server will not recognize its registered number. Please try the sedond method and let me know.

    If you further query, do leave a comment.


  23. Hi Vikas,

    You are the champ in line ;)

    As per your 2nd suggestion, i suffixed my number with a random digit. Subsequently the dialnow server was not able to recognize it as a registered number and asked for the PIN.

    Bulls eye :)


  24. Hi Vikas,

    I am calling from US using Nonoh to the Canada access number 1-647-724-4222. Then I get the message "Welcome - Please enter the number you wish to call ending with #", I entered the India number in the format 0091XXXXXXXXXX and pressed #, but now it repeats the message and hangs up.



  25. Dear Rohit,
    Thanks, keep visitng freevcalls and forward it to all your friends.



  26. Hi Devi,
    I do not understand what is the problem, I think it should work. If you have sufficient balance then your call must be connected.

    Try to call the Canadian access number with another phone and dial your PIN and then try to call to India and let me know, if you could call.

    If you still can not make the call then to look into the mater more clearly I should have your account details, that you wouldn’t like to share with me.

    If you like to share your account information, your number or your email with me, you can text me or send me a voice mail at

    Then I can check if there is some problem with your account or not.

    I hope I can solve your problem.

  27. Hi Vikas,

    I stay in USA and have registered on
    DialNow using Canada as the name of my country.
    They have given dial in number which
    is a Canadian number.
    Wouldent I also incur the charges to call the canadian number(intl no)?



  28. Hi Chinbaj

    Yes, you have to incur the charges to call the Canadian number, if you do not have any US/Canada unlimited plan activated with your phone.

    But I request you to read this blog,
    by which you can use this service, either for free or just by paying half cent more per min.


  29. Hi,
    Can I use DialNow to call from India to Uk at the same rates ie 1.5 euro cents. i am currently calling from UK to India at the same call charges. But, is it possible for my family members to use my account and call me on my mobile number. Please clarify.


  30. Hey Vikas,

    I tried to register with Dialnow but i get the "sorry due to an unknown error your request was denied" error. As you said in your earlier post, i cleaned up the registry n tried too, but nothing works. What solution do you have for me now...

  31. Hi Vikas,
    I registered on Dialnow. As mentioned on blog you said its 1C.minute but now i checked the price in US dollar an its almost 4.5c.minute.
    Is there any tric to make it for 1c.

    eagerly waiting for ur response.



  32. Hi Yogi,
    This post is quite old, written in dec 2007. while launching its service, dialnow offered 1 cent call, not its increased.

    If you want the latest offer, If you signup and refer two friends, the effective call cost is less than one rupee per min. please read this blog for details (clickk on the link below)

    Spend 10 USD and get 40+ USD, Call India at 78 paise per min

    I am 100% sure about the call quality, its better than airtel, reliance calling cards


  33. dear Vikas,
    I am in kuwait and I want to call india,pak,bangladesh n the rest of the world at minimun rates.

  34. This is the best thing I have came across in a long time. I make lots of international calls from the US and so far this is the cheapest rate I have even seen to my country.
    I must say that this thing works great!! The voice quality is great. Please give it a try.

  35. Hi

    At start, I thought DialNow working good, but later Whenever I called to European countries it ends up with an error saying "The call ended due to an unknown error"

    I can't get the support details from their website.
    Do you know how to overcome this problem
    Note: I have 20 euros in my account

  36. to 6aranitharan
    It is possible with any of the betamax service that your account is marked as fraud account, so its automatically blocked.

    Try to request from this link

    Have you ever used your credit card with dialnow??

  37. Yes, I have had top up my account with credit card only(2 times).
    But, I am able to make calls up to 20-28 continuously, after that it shows that error "The
    call ended due to an unknown error"

    The link given by you is not working


  38. Sorry, Wrong link, try this link without s (http)

    But I am not positive about it. The culprit might be your credit card, which you might have used with any of the betamax accounts.

    Lets hope for the best

  39. Thanks for your reply.
    I have 4 accounts and each created by the same creditcard. All the accounts has sufficient balance. I'm using DialNow website phone to phone technology. But all of them are showing the same error. Any suggestion?


  40. As I already mentioned that all your accounts are marked a fraud for using the same credit card, so they are blocked.

    Never use the same payment method for more than one betamax account.

    Just request them and check monthly if your account is unblocked, meanwhile you can create another account and start calling.., use another payment method.

    The best this is to use reseller option. We are the reseller and we sale
    5.00 EUR for 6.00 EUR (380 INR)
    10.00 EUR for 11.5 EUR (720 INR)

    In India you can pay in ICICI, SBI and PNB.

    In EU, you can pay by paypal, and SEPA IBAN bank transfer.

  41. Hi Vicas,
    PayPal payment option is no longer evailable with DialNow. Do you know if it's perminent?

  42. Hello, i no longer have paypal as an option, was there 4 days ago, i am in Canada


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