Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Using DialNow from anywhere in the World to make cheapest call to India

Last time I published the blog about Dialnow offering cheapest call to India, one cents per minutes (60 paise per minute), but these calls are limited to few countries. But this blog will help you in making this cheapsed call from anywhere in the world.

Latest update is Dailnow has increased its rates from 0.010 EUR to 0.015 EUR, anyway still it’s the cheapest one. I hope within two months they will increase this rates to around 0.030 EUR, before they increase the rates, one can use this cheapest service to make a call to India.
Real way to call using Dialnow is the PIN Less dialing that is only allowed only from the registered phone. That will only work from the list of coutries supported by DialNow.

Now what if you make call from a country which ais not in the list of countries.
I have taken some lines on the FAQ section of DialNow and we will use this option

Can I use my account when I'm in a foreign country?
You can use DialNow from any country we offer. You can find the available countries on the access number page. When you are calling from a phone which isn't registrated in your account, you have to use your personal code.For example: If you're a Canadian user and you're on holiday in the UK. You dial the English access number then your personal code and finally the number you would like to call.So be prepared when you go on holiday and remember the access number of the country you're travelling to and your personal number.


So we will use this option to use Dialnow any where in the world and we will say it dial with PIN, it is similar to buying a Calling card and dialing the number.

1. Register your access number of Canada, so that you will save on 19% EU VAT. For this you have to select your country as Canada
2. Register with real Telephone number, because you number need to be verified before buying the credit, if you do not have any VOIP in number, you can have (Free US telephone )

Once you have the credits you are ready to make a call.

Now I will tell you three options by which you will not pay for the international call.

Option 1

(Those who are already using any Betamax services like nonoh or justvoip)
Use the free calls of to dial the access number, once you are connected, you will hear a message

“You are not calling from the telephone number you registered on the web site, to make use of this service, you will now have to enter your nine digit PIN code, to proceed with entering your PIN code press 3, if you do not have your PIN code in hand please press 4”

For making the call, please press 3 and Please enter your nine digit PIN code after the Bip.

Once your PIN is accepted you can make call from any phone in the world.

Option 2
(If you do not use any of the betamax services )
Then you can use click2voice for free, (click here to read more)
Otherwise you can use any other voipservice like yahoovoice or any (as calls to Canada are almost free) then the cost of the call would be little bit higher but still the cheapest.

Option 3
Apart from this you can always use phone to phone to connect the call, in this case if you are calling from japan to India you will pay 1 EUR cent for Japan and 1.5 UER cents for India, Total the call would cost 2.5 EUR cents per min, along with 5 EUR cents connection fee.

Comparison for other countries for option 3,
US to India: 2.0 EUR cents per min and 65 EUR Cents for 30 Min
Italy to India: 2.0 EUR cents per min and 65 EUR Cents for 30 Min
China to India: 2.0 EUR cents per min and 65 EUR Cents for 30 Min
UAE to India: 9.5 EUR cents per min and 2.9 EUR for 30 Min

I tried both option 1, option 2 and option 3, the call quality was best in option 3, very good in option 1 and for option 2 it depends on the primary service you are using, but for me it was very

Its very simple, Enjoy this cheapest call or cheap call or almost free call in this upcoming new year 2008.

I would be very happy if someone shares their experience to this blog by writing a comment or a blog. Please write the comments, I would be happy to reply if you have some problems.


  1. As soon as I read your idea, i subscribed to DialNow with a US phone number (entered Canada as my country). Then I used Click2Voice for free call to Canada access number. This was so simple...I love it. its 2.2 US cents/min ...and so easy to use/recharge. Thanks a lot. Keep updating us in future for more deals :)


  2. Dear speedious,

    Thanks for your comment, please forward this blog to all of your friends so that my efforts can reach to all of our friends.


  3. so..if i understand correctly for US to india..i register with click2voice..register with dialnow with canada as from US to Canada access number using click2voice..from canada dial india..this will allow 15 mins talk only since click2voice is 15 min limit right?


  4. Dear Vivek,

    Thank you for the comments, you have understood the method, but your last statement ".this will allow 15 mins talk only since click2voice is 15 min limit right?" is not correct.

    Click 2 voice offers unlimited calls with each call limited to 15 mins for the registered users. Once your phone is disconnect, reconnect again and make 15 mins and again 15 mins, it will save your cost of calls from US to canada.


  5. Hi Vikas,

    I also use dialnow and it is really good.
    But since yesterday I get error message 9400 when i try to buy credit. I already sent email to the dial now team and hope that they will reply.

    But do you know if I can create a new account with the same phone number? (just in case I cannot buy credit with the old account anymore).

    Thanks for your help!


  6. Dear Shay,
    Thanks for the comment,
    First let me know, which payment mode of you are using to buy the credit, as per the Betamax policy, there are some restirctions of buying the credits, for example you can not use the same credit card or same account for two betamax accounts.

    First let me know the follwing
    1. which payment mode of you are using to buy the credit?
    2. What did you use last time to buy the credits?

    Then we can work together towards the problem.

    About registering the same number again, I never tried, if something does not work for you, you can try let us know about this. Thanks



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