Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Free US telephone

This blog will help you to get a US telephone number for free, it does not matter which part of the world you are and who is calling you. You can make calls to anywhere in the world and also you can receive the calls from anywhere in the world for free. Its simple, after registration you will receive a US incoming number and if some body calls you on that number, your computer will ring and you will receive the call.

I enjoy it very much because of its free incoming feature, because you can say your friends that you are in US
How can you do it?
This free service is provided by Talkdigits, it is a “Free Phone Service Over Your Internet” and provides free incoming US number, the quote like this “Get a real US Phone Number to make and receive phone calls absolutely free! Get an extra phone line without paying one extra penny!”
1. Go to http://www.talkdigits.com/ or
2. Download the softphone from http://www.talkdigits.com/sign-up-for-fee-voip.html
(you can download the softphone in two flavors, vanilla or pineapple flavor)
3. Choose the type of yor phone
4. Register yourself of the site,
5. Then you can save and install the software.
Now you can see your Free US number on the phone.

Enjoy the free incoming number…

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Call India for almost free 2 cents per min from anywhere in the world, now why to waste time searchin for free and bad quality calls to India. I am writing this blog and soon you will see...


  1. You may like to post your link at


    for good coverage

  2. Cool link dude ... i called up from AU to IN and worked perfectly :)

    Mukesh Pednekar

  3. reply to eblogger, Yes I would like to post it. I will do it in near future, thank you

    Hi Mahesh, thanks for the response. Please keep visiting this blog, because if future we will have more hacks on this site. Please forward this link to your friends so that they can also get the advantage.

    If you find something interesting related to this blog, you can have chance to post over it.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Vikas...
    Thanks for this blog..i really liked the U.S dial in number thingy... i had got a U.S dial in number..from talk digits too..but of late it has been acquired by some new company and i dont get the softphone to recieve incoming calls on that number .. do u know any other site that offers this service..

  5. Hi aly,
    Its difficult to find the free and easy setup number for US, but you can find it for UK, you can goto http://www.orbtalk.co.uk/
    and get the free UK incoming number, euteliavoip offers free numbers in many countries.

    If you find any free number for US, please let me know.


  6. Hello Friends,

    Can we somehow install these US/UK number on SIP device.



  7. Yes, you can do it but not with talkdigit.

    try this and get free uk number http://www.sipgate.co.uk/user/index.php

    You can also do it with eutelia voip


  8. how can i call for free from India to US.


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