Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cheap SMS to India (30 paise per sms)

I thank all visitors of this blog, I need all your support to find the ways to write a blog for the free calls and sms to India.

This blog will help you to send SMS to India for almost free (30 paise per sms) but you need help of your friend or family and their mobile number in India to register and in some cases to buy the credits .

For 30 paise per sms
Most of you might be aware of sancharnet, dial up internet conncetion service by bsnl. Those who already have this account and still it is valid can start sending SMS right now.
Those not having account, need to buy a new sancharnet voucher from the BSNL offices in India and register for the sancharnet account at
For more information visit and for instructions for sms visit
login at for sending sms (for the technical reasons do not use for sms)

for 50 paise per sms
visit and register your self.
Using SMSJunction you can send free SMS to BSNL Mobiles all over India but BSNL user whom you are sending messages to should be subscribed to UMS (UNIFIED MESSAGING SERVICE) system of BSNL. I am not sure how many BSNL users use this service in India.

For 55 paise per sms

For Rs 1. per sms
Visit, after registration, you will be allowed to send 2 free sms. You can buy the credits using your credit card or paypal.

If you know more cheaper option, please leave a comment, your support is required to help our friends to find the best ways to call and send sms to india.
Up Coming Blog:
Call India for almost free 2 cents per min from anywhere in the world, now why to waste time searchin for free and bad quality calls to India. I am writing this blog and soon you will see...

We love India

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